After a very unusual turn of events the other day, where Amir Khan was chosen to fight Canelo Alvarez for the WBC Middleweight championship, Danny Garcia, all of a sudden had no opponent.  Well, that didn’t take long to change, as Garcia is no expected to take on the winner of the Keith Thurman and Shawn porter fight.  Garcia was supposed to face Amir Khan, who is the mandatory contender for the WBC welterweight title, but he will instead somehow fight for the WBC middleweight title.  The fight between WBA welterweight champion, Keith “One Time” Thurman (26-0, 22 KO’s) and challenger Shawn “Showtime” Porter (26-1-1, 16 KO’s) is scheduled for March 12th, and Garcia is now expected to face the winner.

Danny Garcia has just successfully defended his WBC welterweight title against Robert Guerrero last month, in a 12 round unanimous decision victory.  Garcia has been taking easy fights lately, and Keith Thurman or Shawn Porter would be a top notch opponent.  Either would threaten Garcia’s title reign, because the last time Garcia faced a top tier opponent (Lamont Peterson), he barely escaped with a victory.  Porter and Thurman both possess one punch knockout power, and would both be interesting style match ups for Garcia.  Porter is more of the in your face come straight forward type of fighter, which Garcia would have to fight on his back heel.  Thurman can come forward, or outbox moving backward.  If Garcia does indeed fight the winner of Thurman VS Porter, it would unify the WBA and WBC welterweight titles.


In a truly shocking turn of events, WBC World Middleweight Champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (46-1-1, 32 KO’s), will defend his middleweight crown on May 7th against Amir Khan (31-3, 19 KO’s).  Buzz has been swirling about who Cannel’s next opponent would be, whether he would fight Golovkin or choose someone else.  Well, the middleweight has chosen to defend against a welterweight.  Amir Khan fights at 140 pounds, and 147 pounds.  Canelo fights at 154 pounds, and supposedly at 160.  This fight is scheduled for a catch weight of 155 pounds, which is the newly created “Canelo” division.

This fight makes absolutely no sense, and is an atrocity to boxing.  Fighters are now more then ever, picking and choosing what fights they want, and what they don’t want.  It is really becoming bad for the sport, and I think if it does not stop, boxing will lose a lot of fans.  Khan is 2 weight classes below Alvarez, and on size difference alone, he has no chance to win this fight.  Canelo is smart, he chose an opponent he knew people would pay to see, so the fight looks good on paper and people will buy it.  This is a huge mismatch though, and I would be surprised if Khan was able to go more then 4 or 5 rounds, against the huge power difference Canelo will posses due to the size difference.


Last night, after the one sided beating of Jean Pascal, Andre Ward was interviewed about his potential showdown with Sergey Kovalev.  The rumors have been swirling that Ward moved up to Light Heavyweight, primarily to get bigger fights, which included a showdown with Kovalev. There are even rumors that Ward and Kovalev have already agreed to fight each other somewhere down the road.

Ward confirmed last night that all those rumors were true.  He even made the statement, “It when, not if”.  Those were Andre Ward’s exact words in regards to fighting Sergey Kovalev.   Ward has beaten everyone that matters in the Super Middleweight division (which includes the super 6 tournament where he defeated Arthur Abraham, Carl Froch, and Mikkel Kessler), and moved up to Light Heavyweight for big fights.  Ward will fight Sullivan Berrera in March, and maybe one more tune up, before taking on Kovalev in late 2016 or early 2017.  Ward poses the biggest threat to Kovalev, because Kovalev has never faced a boxer and technically sound as Ward.  But few have.  There is no better boxer in the division then Andre Ward, but only time will tell if technique or power will be more superior.


Last night on HBO World Championship Boxing, Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (29-0-1, 26 KO’s) defeated Jean Pascal (30-4-1, 17 KO’s), to retain his WBA/WBO/IBF Light Heavyweight titles.  Pascal looked horrible under new head trainer, the legendary Freddie Roach.  Kovalev proved to be too much for Pascal to handle.

The first round was a feel out for Kovalev, as usual, with hime outlining Pascal.  Pascal actually walked into a stiff jab that put him down on the mat, but it was called a slip by the referee.  The second round was more of the same, with neither fighter doing much, but Kovalev would take that round as well.

In the third, Kovalev would start unloading on Pascal to the body.  Pascal would resort to his usual self, and get wild after being hit hard.  You could tell that Pascal was hurt to the body, because he would drop his hands to protect, opening up his head for big shots.  Proof of this was the fourth round where Pascal would land only 2 power punches to Kovalev’s 26 landed.  The 5th was more of the same.  Pascal landed 1 jab in that round, as Kovalev was hammering him against the ropes.  Pascal would end the 5th with what looked like a broken nose.  After the 6th, after being hammered some more, Pascal convinced Roach to let him go one more round.  Between the 6th and 7th rounds, Roach would tell the referee to stop the fight, as he saw no point to allowing Pascal to continue.  Kovalev would end up landing 165 of 412 (40%), while Pascal would only land 30 of 108 (28%).

After the fight, Kovalev Would say again that he wants Stevenson before he fights Andre Ward.  He went as far as calling him “Adonis Chickenson”, which apparently angered Stevenson.  He would jump into the ring and yell about being the real champion.  Stevenson however, has made no attempt to get a fight signed with Kovalev, so he looked pretty stupid jumping in to the ring like that.  Sergey Kovalev improves to 29-0-1, and retains his 3 titles.




Tonight, live on HBO Boxing, it will be the rematch of their epic first battle, as Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (28-0-1, 25 KO’s) defends his WBA/WBO/IBF Light Heavyweight titles against Jean Pascal (30-3-1, 17 KO’s).  In their first fight, Kovalev got the better of Pascal, defeating him by way of 8th round TKO.  Pascal looks to avenge that loss and take 3 titles away from Kovalev.  The fight will take place on Pascal’s turf at the Bell Centre in Motreal Quebec Canada at 9;45 ET.  The Co-Feature will be a welterweight bout between Dmitry Mikhaylenko (20-0, 9 KO’s) and Karim Mayfield (19-2-1, 10 KO’s).  Also on the card will be Joel Diaz Jr (20-0, 16 KO’s) VS Abraham Gomez (22-11-1, 11 KO’s).  Here is the breakdown and predictions:


-Record:  28 – 0 – 1, 25 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Light Heavyweight (175 pounds)

-Height:  6′ 0″

-Reach:  72″

-Notable Fights

  • Nathan Cleverly  —  Win, TKO 4th round (12), 8/17/13.  (Won WBO Light Heavyweight title)
  • Bernard Hopkins  —  Win, Unanimous Decision (12), 11/8/14.  (Won IBF & WBAsuper Light Heavyweight titles)
  • Jean Pascal  —  Win, TKO 8th round (12), 3/14/15.  (Retained IBF, WBAsuper, & WBO Light Heavyweight Titles)

Kovalev has already defeated Pascal once.  The fight warranted a rematch because many believed it was stopped prematurely, and Pascal would have been able to continue.  Pascal was trapped in the corner, and getting hit flush, without throwing back.  Kovalev will look to repeat the first performance, and even try to top it, so there is no doubt in anyones mind this time.  Look for him to come out very strong in the early going, and look for an early stoppage.


-Record:  30 – 3 – 1, 1NC (17 KO’s)

-Weight Class:  Light Heavyweight (175 lbs)

-Height:  5′ 11″

-Reach:  72″

-Notable Fights:

  • Chad Dawson – Win, TKO 11th round (12), 8/14/10.  (Retained WBC, won TheRing Light Heavyweight titles)
  • Bernard Hopkins #1 – Draw, SD 12 rounds, 12/18/10.  (Retained WBC, TheRing Light Heavyweight titles)
  • Sergey Kovalev – Loss, TKO 8th round (12), 3/14/15.

Pascal defeated Yunieski Gonzalez, which earned him the rematch against Kovalev.  Pascal also led the campaign of the “unfair” stoppage in his first meeting with Kovalev.  Tonight he will try to avenge his loss to the “Krusher” and become the unified Light Heavyweight Champion.


  • Joel Diaz Jr  —  def  —  Abraham Gomez  —  via  —  TKO 5th round
  • Dmitry Mikhalenko  —  def  —  Karim Mayfield  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision
  • Sergey Kovalev  —  def  —  Jean Pascal  —  via  —  TKO 6th round


Last night on Premier Boxing Champions, Danny “Swift” Garcia (32-0, 18 KO’s) defeated Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (33-4-1, 18 KO’s), to capture the vacant WBC Welterweight Championship.  Guerrero looked good early on in the fight, as he pressured Garcia all over the ring, while landing some nice punches.  In fact, Guerrero looked like he was on his way to an easy victory, in the first half of the fight.  Hw won two of the first 4 rounds, with a very even 5th round.

In the 6th however, Danny Garcia would find his range and start taking over the fight with clean, big shots.  Garcia’s straight right and left hook completely took over, and slowed Guerrero down the rest of the way.  Looking a bit fatigued, Guerrero would not win another round until the 10th, where he had a good one.  Garcia would take the 11th, and then the 12th would be an all out brawl.  Both fighters got a standing ovation at the conclusion of the 12th round, for their relentless attack.  It would be too little too late for Guerrero, as all three judges (and myself) had a final score of 116-112 in favor of Danny Garcia, who stays undefeated, and becomes the new WBC Welterweight Champion.


Danny Garcia (31-0, 18 KO’s) is scheduled to fight tonight on Premier Boxing Champions against Robert Guerrero (33-3-1, 18 KO’s), for the vacant WBC Welterweight title.  Should Garcia defeat Guerrero tonight, he will have a mandatory contender in the form of Amir Khan.  If Guerrero wins, Khan would be his mandatory, because Khan is the #1 WBC challenger.  Danny Garcia has already defeated Amir Khan, when the two first met in July of 2012.  Garcia defeated Khan via 4th round knockout in that fight, and has expressed that he has no interest in a rematch.  Garcia has done this before.  He is never interested in giving a fighter a second chance after defeating them.  He usually just does his business and moves on.

In this case you would have to agree with Mr Garcia, because it was a clearcut win by knockout.  A rematch is only viable, if the decision was controversial in some manner.  For example, many thought that when Garcia fought Mauricio Herrera in Puerto Rico, that the decision to award the victory to Garcia was highly questionable.  In that case a rematch would be a viable option.  Khan was knocked out.  He doesn’t deserve a rematch.  If Garcia wins tonight, it would not surprise me at all, if he vacated the belt not to fight Khan again, and move on to other things.

The way I see it is Garcia would have two options here.  Option one would be to vacate the WBC welterweight title, in order to not fight Amir Khan.  Then Garcia can pick and choose his next opponent.  Option two would be that he keeps the belt, but takes voluntary title defenses against lesser opponents.  Option two would make Khan wait a while, and even then it would not be a guarantee that he gets the fight.  This is because Garcia could vacate the title before that time came anyway.  I would be extremely surprised to see a rematch of Garcia and Khan, if it was the next fight or if it was somewhere down the road.

The real interesting scenario would be if Robert Guerrero defeats Danny Garcia tonight.  Which if you’ve watched Garcia lately, that is not totally out of the question.  If Guerrero wins the title, I strongly believe he would take on Amir Khan (maybe after 1 voluntary defense), because he is nearing the end of his career, and a showdown with Khan could potentially be his last big payday.