1.  Roman Gonzalez                 43 – 0 – 0 (37 KO’s)                Flyweight                              Nicaragua

2.  Andre Ward                        28 – 0 – 0 (15 KO’s)               Super Middleweight                U.S.A.

3.  Gennady Golovkin               33 – 0 – 0 (30 KO’s)                Middleweight                         Kazakstan

4.  Wladimir Klitschko               64 – 3 – 0 (53 KO’s)                Heavyweight                         Ukraine

5.  Sergey Kovalev                   28 – 0 – 1 (23 KO’s)                Light Heavyweight                 Russia

6.  Guilliermo Rigondeaux         15 – 0 – 0 (10 KO’s)               Junior Featherweight              Cuba

7.  Manny Pacquiao                  57 – 6 – 2 (38 KO’s)               Welterweight                         Philippines

8.  Terence Crawford                26 – 0 – 0 (18 KO’s)               Junior Welterweight               U.S.A.

9.  Timothy Bradley                 32 – 1 – 1 (12 KO’s)               Welterweight                         U.S.A.

10. Kell Brook                          35 – 0 – 0 (24 KO’s)              Welterweight                         U.K.

I guess everyone has a bad day once in a while, and Saturday night was a really bad one for Lucas Mattysse (34-4, 31 Ko’s).  In what was probably the most lack luster performance we have ever seen from the Agentine superstar, Viktor Postol (28-0, 12 KO’s), was able to pick up the KO victory against Matthysse.  “The Machine” came out looking strong, and rocking Postol with a left hook in the first round, and then proceeded to lose the next 4 rounds.

Postols’ long jab, foot movement, and his ability to clinch at the right moments, kept Matthysse at bay with his punches, and continued to frustrate Matthysse throughout the rest of the fight.  Lucas seemed to figure Postol out in the 6th, as he came at him with a few thunderous combinations.  Matthysse would win the 6th, and that was it.

Viktor Postol would go back to his jab, which was definitely his bread and butter in this fight, further frustrating Mr. Matthysse. After the 6th round, Lucas no longer could figure out how to get around the long jab of Postol, and looked like a beaten man.  Finally, in the 10th round, Postol hit Matthysse with a huge straight right hand, and put him down on the canvas.  Matthysse, on one knee throughout the duration of the 10 count, was definitely able to get up from that, but ultimately elected not to.  So it goes as a KO victory for Viktor Postol, as he stays undefeated and improves to 28-0.


Tonight, Premier Boxing Champions brings to you Deontay Wilder (34-0, 33 KO’s) VS Johann Duhaupus (32-2, 20 KO’s).  This is a voluntary title defense, as Wilder puts up his WBC World Heavyweight title.  Wilder took this defense to stay sharp and busy, as he waits for the winner of Klitschko VS Fury.  He will continue to wait as Wladimir Klitschko suffered a calf injury in training camp that will postpone his fight against Tyson Fury.  The co-feature will be another Heavyweight matchup with Fred Kassi (18-3-1, 10 KO’s) taking on Dominic Breazeale (15-0, 13 KO’s  Here is the breakdown and prediction for Wilder VS Duhaupus:


-Record:  34 – 0 – 0, 33 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Heavyweight

-Height:  6′ 7″ (1.80 m)

-Reach:  84″

-Born:  8/22/85 (age 29)

-Notable Fights:

  • Nicolai Firtha  —  Win, KO 4th round (10), 10/26/13.
  • Malik Scott  —  Win, KO 1st round (12), 3/15/14.
  • Bermane Stiverne  —  Win, Unanimous Decision (12), 1/17/15.  (Won WBC Heavyweight title)

Wilder defeated Stiverne for the WBC World Heavyweight title, and went on to defend it successfully against Eric Molina.  Now Wilder takes a voluntary title defense, and will be fighting against Duhaupus.  It remains to be seen how long exactly it will take for Wilder to get the fight against Wladimir Klitschko, until then, it will be another easy win for Wilder.


-Record:  32 – 2 – 0, 20 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Heavyweight

-Height:  6′ 5″ (1.80 m)

-Reach:  n/a

-Born:  2/5/81 (age 34)

-Notable Fights:

  • Manuel Charr  —  Win, Majority Decision (10), 10/4/15.

Duhaupus faces his greatest challenge as of yet in his career.  He has not really fought anyone worth mentioning, and gets a huge opportunity here against Wilder.  Duhaupus brings to the table a ver respectable win loss record of 32-2, but he will have to climb a mountain to win this one.


Dominic Breazeale  —  def  —  Fred Kassi  —  via  —  TKO 6th round

Deontay Wilder  —  def  —  Johann Duhaupus  —  via  —  KO 5th round


Andre Berto was not the most popular choice of opponent for Floyd Mayweathers’ “last” fight, but he was the WBA #1 contender, so it made sense.  He is also the interim WBA Champion.  With that being said, Mayweather made Berto look like and amateur fighter.  All three judges had Mayweather winning the fight by a landslide.  Judge Adalade Bird scored it 120-108 (Mayweather), judge Dave Maretti scored it 117-111 (Mayweather), and judge Steve Weisfeld scored it 118-110 (Mayweather).  I was paying extra close attention to this fight, being a huge Mayweather fan, and scored it 119-109, giving Berto only the 7th round.  Berto looked really nervous and could not get it going.  When he did, Mayweather showed us something we have forgotten.  He still can fight on the inside, and he still can brawl.  In fact, he almost was able to KO Berto in round 12.

This was Mayweathers most brilliant performance in recent years, even though some might criticize his opponent (Berto).  Mayweather looked faster and sharper then he did in his last fight, and looked just as brilliant as he did in the Canelo Alvarez fight.  Canelo in my opinion also only won 1 round (maybe 2), and Mayweather was brilliant against him.  Mayweather is now 49-0 (26 KO’s), and has tied Rocky Marcianos’ record.  After the fight, Mayweather said he’s done.  I do not believe this, because I think he was sending a subliminal message when he said, “records are made to be broken.”  I think Mayweather will fight again to become 50-0, and then and only then, can he claim to be TBE (the best ever).

Salido Gets Robbed

Who should be the WBO Junior Lightweight Champion?  Not Rocky Martinez, thats for sure.  Orlando Salido beat up Martinez over 12 rounds, and was absolutely robbed via decision.  Only 1 judge got it right, and that was Burt Clements (115-113) for Salido.  Glen Feldman scored it 114-114, and Ptrick Gormay scored it 115-113 for Martinez.  I scored the fight 116-112 for Salido, which was very accurate in my opinion.  I gave Salido rounds 1, 2, 5-8, and 12.  Marinez won 3,4,10, and 11 in my opinion.  This fight was an absolute war, just like their first fight, and the wrong man walked away with the title.

Jack VS Groves

George Groves was making his third attempt at a world title.  Would the third time be the charm?  No it would not!  After being knocked down in the first, Groves dug a hole for himself, but would bounce back nicely.  He fought like a champion, but would ultimately come up short.  he was out boxed by fellow Money Team fighter Badou Jack “The Ripper”.  Jack looked great in his first title defense, and they say you are not a true champ until u defend successfully.

Gonzalez VS Oquendo

Another chapter in the Puerto Rico VS Mexico rivalry is in the books.  Jonathan Oquendo defeated Jhonny Gonzalez via majority decision.  The final tallies were 94-94, 98-90, and 95-93 in favor of Oquendo.  This was a very interesting fight, as it was a chess match in the beginning.  Very strategic and careful were both fighters, as neither could afford to lose.  Unfortunately for Gonzalez, Oquendo was the better man on Saturday night.


Mayweather:  $32 million

Berto:  $4 million

Roman Martinez:  $300,000

Orland Salido:  $150,000

Badou Jack:  $500,000

George Groves:  $500,000

Jhonny Gonzalez:  $50,000

Jonathan Oquendo:  $50,000

Vanes Martirosyan:  $150,000

Ishe Smith:  $150,000

This Saturday, live on Showtime PPV at 8PM eastern time, from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, Floyd “Money” Mayweather (48-0, 26 KO’s), takes on Andre Berto (30-3, 23 KO’s).  The fight will be for Mayweathers WBAsuper, WBC, and TheRing World Welterweight titles, and is scheduled for 12 rounds.  The co-feature will a WBC Super Middleweight Championsip fight where George Groves (21-2, 15 KO’s) takes on champion Badou Jack (19-1-1, 12 KO’s).  Also on the card, Orlando Salido (42-13-2, 29 KO’s) takes on Roman Martinez (29-2-2, 17 KO’s) for the WBO Super Featherweight title, and Vanes Martirosyan (35-2-1, 21 KO’s) takes on Ishe Smith (27-7, 12 KO’s) in a Super Middleweight bout.  Here is the breakdown and predictions:


-Record:  48 – 0 – 0, 26 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Welterweight (147 pounds).  Also rated at:

  • Junior Lightweight
  • Lightweight
  • Junior Welterweight
  • Junior Middleweight.

-Height:  5′ 8″ (1.73 m)

-Reach:  72″

-Born:  2/24/77 (age 38)

-Notable Fights:

  • Jose Luis Castillo  —  Win, Unanimous Decision (12), 4/20/02.  (Won WBC & TheRing Lightweight Titles)
  • Zab Judah  —  Win, Unanimous Decision (12), 4/8/06.  (Won IBF & IBO Welterweight Titles)
  • Oscar De La Hoya  —  Win, Split Decision (12), 5/5/07.  (Won WBC Junior Middleweight Title)
  • Saul Alvarez  —  Win, Majority Decision (12), 9/14/13.  (Won WBC & TheRing Junior Middleweight Titles)
  • Manny Pacquiao  —  Win, Unanimous Decision (12), 5/2/15.  (Won WBO Welterweight Title)

Mayweather has given us what we wanted with Cotto, Guererro, Alvarez, and Maidana.  Now its time for him to choose his opponent.  He chose Andre Berto, even though the more popular choice would have been Kell Brook or Gennady Golovkin.  Mayweather is looking to tie Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0 with a victory here.  He says he’s done after this, but 50-0 is very appealing, so it remains to be seen what happens.


-Record:  30 – 3 – 0, 23 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Welterweight

-Height:  5′ 6″ (1.80 m)

-Reach:  70.5″

-Born:  9/7/83 (age 32)

-Notable Fights:

  • Miguel Angel Rodriguez  —  Win, TKO 7th round (12), 6/21/08.  (Won vacant WBC Welterweight Title)
  • Jan Zaveck  —  Win, TKO 5th round (12), 9/3/11.  (Won IBF Welterweight Title)
  • Robert Guererro  —  Loss, Unanimous Decision (12), 11/24/12.

Andre Berto is the current interim WBA Welterweight champion, which makes him a justifiable opponent for Floyd mayweather. He gets the biggest opportunity and biggest payday of his life.  Berto is coming off of a knockout victory over Josesito Lopez.


Vanes Martirosyan  —  def  —  Ishe Smith  —  via  —  TKO 9th round

Roman Martinez  —  def  —  Orlando Salido  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision

George Groves  —  def  —  Badou Jack  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision

Floyd Mayweather  —  def  —  Andre Berto  —  via  —  Unanimous Decision


Timothy Bradley (31-1-1, 12 KO’s) will take on Brandon Rios (33-2-1, 23 KO’s) on November 7th 2015.  The event will take place at the Thomas And Mack Center in Las Vegas Nevada and will be aired on HBO.  It will be a 10 round fight, as these two former champions fight it out for welterweight bragging rights.

Timothy Bradley is coming off of a unanimous decision victory over Jesse Vargas.  He is the current WBO Welterweight champion, and will be making his first defense of the title in this fight.  Brandon Rios’ last fight was against Mike Alvarado, that completed a trilogy, where Rios knocked out Alvarado in the third round.  Rios is a banger and can get Bradley to slug it out with him.  Bradley is a very skilled boxer, but is easily sucked into a brawling match.

It will be interesting to see how this fight unfolds, as Bradley is always in the middle of some kind of controversy with the judges.  It all started with the first Manny Pacquiao fight where he was awarded the unanimous decision over Pacman in a fight he clearly lost.  Then he fought Diego Gabriel Chaves, and the fight ended in a draw, which Tim Bradley clearly won.  Brandon Rios is the former WBA Lightweight Champion, and will make his first attempt at a world title at welterweight.  This should be a very good fight, and don’t be surprised if it turns into an all out brawl.