The Unfair Sport (Epidemic)

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Personal Thoughts
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To quote my last post,”2013 was the best year in boxing in the last 25 years.  2014 is just as good.”  But not without a few blemishes.  It has come to many fans attention that there is something fishy going on with the way certain fights are being judged.  To put it plain and simple, fighters are getting robbed.  It is really becoming something to worry about, as it has been happening more and more frequently.  It has been a problem, no doubt, through boxing history, but lately it has gone from bad to worse!!!

June 9th 2012, the beginning of the bad going to worse.  Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley.  For those who don’t know (which why wouldn’t you if you’re a fan), this was the biggest robbery that i have personally ever seen.  Manny Pacquiao, for lack of a better term, whooped Tim Bradley up and down the ring.  The confident Pacquiao, seemingly winning almost every round, was in for a rude awakening on that fateful evening.  The fight went all 12 rounds and to the score cards for a split decision in favor of Timothy Bradley.  I myself, my buddies in the room with me, and everyone in the crowd that night, including Bradley’s family were in complete shock.  I’ve re-watched this fight 3 times, and for the love of me, cannot see how the judges could have given the decision to Bradley.  Plain and simple, Manny was robbed!

2013 was a little better.  So lets skip to this year.  I personally do not agree with the majority decision of Mayweather VS Maidana, but never the less Floyd still won.  I have taken a personal interest in 2 fights specifically this year, that in my opinion were judged wrong.  I am not a certified boxing judge (yet), but I do take a lot of pride in my judging ability.  The first fight was Jesse Vargas VS Anton Novikov.  Its no secret that American judges do not like eastern European fighters.  Enter Anton Novikov.  I personally judged this fight, and my score after 12 rounds was and even draw.  114 to 114.  The official score was 117 to 111 in favor of Jesse Vargas.  Can anyone who truly knows this sport, except for those judges, really agree with that score?  I highly doubt it.

The second fight this year that wasn’t scored properly was a big one.  The winner, to get a possible shot at the middleweight crown.  Saul “Canelo” Alvarez VS Erislandy Lara.  Given, this was a tough fight to judge.  But isn’t that what judges are paid to do?  I also scored this fight, and sorry “Canelo”, you didn’t win.  My score after 12 rounds was 115-113.  I’ll even break it down round by round, so that no one thinks I’m a fraud.  On my card Alvarez wins rounds 4, 5, 7, 8, and 12.  Lara wins rounds 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, and 11.  That’s pretty close.  So 115-113 is a good score either way it goes.  But what really infuriated me was that one judge scored the fight 117-111.  I’m sorry, but thats not possible.  Hopefully this is not the start of an epidemic.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!


  1. While I understand how you feel about the Pacquiao-Bradley fight, I don’t think it was quite as egregious as some others, such as the Paul Williams-Erislandy Lara fight. I have to completely disagree about the Alvarez and Mayweather fights, however, in that I think Alvarez won based on effective punching at least a majority of the rounds, and the same for Mayweather against Maidana. Mayweather proved his ability against Maidana in the rematch, as ugly as it was.

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  2. davidjukic says:

    oh man.. lemme start by saying that its really nice to get some feedback from someone that actually knows what they are talking about. most people just re-word what I’m saying to them. so thanks for that. And i totally agree with u. may weather did show his brilliance in the ring in the rematch. he was in maidens head right away. but u can’t disagree that the fight would have been better with a different ref. as for the canelo-lara fight, i don’t totally disagree with u. if it went 115-113 the other way i would not have had a problem with that. but that last judge had it 117-111 whack was not a fair score in my opinion. i hope they do it again. that would be a rematch worth watching. anyway, can’t wait for more feedback from u in the future!


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