Badou Jack Dominates

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Boxing Results
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August 30th was a special Saturday presentation of SHOBOX.  The Money Team was on display with Floyd Mayweathers top 3 prospects.  Ronald “The Thrill” Gavril (9-0, 7KO’s), Badou Jack (16-1-1, 11KO’s), and J’Leon Love (18-0-1, 10KO’s), were all in action.  It was a great night for two of the three talented fighters.

Gavril vs. Falowo:

This fight was nothing but a stepping stone for Ronald Gavril.  It was a total mismatch.  After throwing a few impressive punches, it was clear after the 2nd round that Thomas Falowo (12-2, 8KO’s), was no match for Gavril.  He was already looking fatigued.  In the 3rd round, Gavril threw a very impressive straight right, that he no doubt learned from his mentor Floyd Mayweather, that resulted in a knockdown.  Falowo did recover nicely and actually won the 4th round, but it was all for not.  In the 7th, the referee was forced to stop the fight after a barrage of punches from Gavril.  It was clear that Falowo could no longer defend himself.  “The Thrill’ improves to 10-0.  Gavril did look very young in the ring though, as there were a few times where he hurt Falowo and failed to capitalize.  The fight should have ended in the 3rd round.

Jack vs. Escalera:

In Badou Jacks’ last fight, he deeply underestimated his opponent, and it resulted in him getting knocked out in the first round.  Something no one in the arena was expecting.  Badou Jack “The Ripper”, came into this fight saying he was going to be different.  He sure was different.  Jack looked extremely poised and was on a mission.  This fight was totally one sided, as he won every single round of the scheduled 10.  Clean sweep on the scorecard.  Jack was impressive to say the least, and now might take J’Leon Loves’ spot as Mayweathers top prospect.


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