Broner A “Problem” Again

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Boxing Results
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A career resurrection, a complete mauling, and a great technical fight is what u saw on the eve of September 6th.  It was truly a great night to be a boxing fan.  Andre Berto (28-3, 22KO’s), who by many including myself, was considered to be “done”, made a spectacular comeback on this very night.  After testing positive for steroids, I must say, i totally discounted Berto from ever being his old self again.  It doesn’t happen often with the subject of boxing, but I was dead wrong.  Although Steve Upsher (24-3-1, 1ND, 6KO’s) was definitely overmatched, Berto still looked better then anyone thought he would.  Berto’s jab, which has always been a big weapon for him, was outstanding.  He had a very hard and VERY stiff jab.  When Upsher actually decided to be busy, he didn’t look half bad as he won rounds 4 and 6.  But in the end, he was no match for Berto’s impressive and surprising power.  Berto wins 8 of 10 rounds on my card (98-92), and improves to 29-3.

What can we say about Lucas Matthysse?  A destroyer?  Still the man to beat at 140lbs?  Or plain and simple, what he likes to be called… The machine!  Although Roberto Ortiz (31-0) was undefeated,  he has never fought someone like Matthysse.  After a pretty sloppy first round for both fighters, where a lot of punches were thrown with nothing significant landing, Oritz’ night took a turn for the worse in the 2nd.  Matthysse hit Ortiz with a vicious hook to the liver that made Ortiz go down.  There was a little controversy in the KO thought.  Ortiz seemed to finally get up between the count of 9 and 10.  Referee says he didn’t, and it goes as a KO victory for Matthysse.  Now, Ortiz did spit out his mouthpiece while on the ground.  In my eyes, he was saying without saying, that he simply could not continue.  Did the referee make a mistake?  He sure did.  Was Ortiz ready to continue?  He sure wasn’t.  If Ortiz got up in time, he would have got buried.

Now here in lies “The Problem”.  I truly do not Know what to make of Adrien Broner (28-1, 22KO’s) anymore.  After being a fan of his for many years, he really disappointed me against Paulie Mallignaggi, which should have been a draw.  And he really disappointed me against Marcos Maidana, where he was railroaded.  Then he was good against Carlos Molina.  Broner, a notorious slow starter, usually gives away the first two rounds.  He did it again against Emanuel “Transformer” Taylor (18-2, 12KO’s).  Taylor actually looked a lot better then expected in this 12 round affair.  My scorecard was dead even through the first six rounds.  Broner winning the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  Taylor winning the 1st, 2nd, and 6th.  After the 6th, the inexperience of Taylor started to show, as Broner began taking over with lightning quick combinations.  Taylor had never been 12 rounds before, and it started to show as the fight went on.  Then in the 12th, Broner landed a sublime uppercut which knocked Taylor down, and put Broner far ahead on any scorecard.  None the less, Taylor did impress in his biggest challenge to date.  Boner did look extremely fast in this fight.  Back to his old self?  HOPEFULLY!!!


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