Mayhem has come and gone.  Now we look to the future.  The very near future looks very promising in the junior Welterweight division.  This triangle of talent that includes Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse, and Adrien Broner has recently turned into a square with the re-emergence of Lamont Peterson.  If things go as they should, as I hope they do, the next year and a half should be amazing at 140 pounds.

Danny Garcia recently layed out Rod Salka.  It was impressive, but Salka was no match for Garcia to begin with.  Adrien Broner recently defeated Emmanuel Taylor.  Even though Taylor looked great in the first half of the fight, Broner finished strong.  His hand speed and defensive work were very impressive in the second half of the fight.  Lucas Matthysse is coming off of a second round liver shot KO, which was a little controversial, but none the less still an early KO.  The power of this man, weighing 140 pounds is truly amazing.  Then there is Lamont Peterson.  In his last fight against Edgar Santana, he won every round.  It was an absolute landslide.  With the Peterson victory, this division has become extremely interesting.

If all goes as it should, this will be a true boxing fans wet dream.  As I’ve stated in the past, it is my opinion that Lucas Matthysse is still the man in this division, despite technically losing the top spot to Danny Garcia.  You can’t win a fight if You can’t see your opponent.  Matthysse’s eye closed up and he simply could not see Garcia’s left hook coming.  So here is what simply needs to happen if the promoters are willing to give it to us.  Danny Garcia will fight Lamont Peterson in a title unification.  Then Adrien Broner will fight Lucas Matthysse.  The winners will fight each other to become the undisputed junior Welterweight champion.    If all of this can happen in time, and if Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather can’t come to some kind of an agreement, the winner of all that I just described should move up to 147 pounds and fight the pound for pound king, Floyd Mayweather.  Now wouldn’t this series of events just be spectacular?  I think so!!!



-Danny Garcia defeats Lamont Peterson via unanimous decision.

-Lucas Matthysse defeats Adrien Broner via 10th round TKO.

-Lucas Matthysse defeats Danny Garcia via split decision

-Floyd Mayweather finally takes the Pacquiao fight and wins via unanimous decision

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