Dawson VS Karpency

Will Chad Dawson (32-3, 1NC, 1ND, 18KO’s) ever the the man we were used to seeing in the past?  Is this an extreme case of ring rust?  Or is “Bad” Chad just over the hump?  Theres no doubt that Chad Dawson has an impressive resume.  With wins over the likes of Bernad Hopkins and Antonio Tarver.  But the question must be raised.  Is Bad Chad just simply past his prime?  Its no secret that Dawson has not been the same since losing to Andre Ward, and then getting brutally knocked out by Adonis Stevenson with one punch.  The bad luck continued when Dawson got in the ring with the underdog known as Tommy Karpency (23-4-1, 14KO’s).  All in all, in this pretty uneventful fight, Chad Dawson could have and should have secured a victory.  After a mid-round shoulder injury, Dawson was limited to only using his right arm.  With that being said, the fight was still very close on all three judges scorecards, and Chad Dawson made a huge mistake in the final round.  The victory was there for the taking.  Win the last round, and win the fight.  Dawson I guess already thought he has the victory secured, so he dodged Karpency in the final round.  That right there swayed the judges to give it to Kaprency for a split decision victory.  Another loss for Dawson was the end result, and now we wonder if he will fight again.

Martirosyan VS Nelson

By far the most interesting fight of the night.  This was predicted to be a banger, and it sure was. Vanes “The Nightmare” Martirosyan (34-1-1, 21KO’s), rated #5 by Ring Magazine at 154 pounds really delivered.  Taking on Willie Nelson “The Great” (23-1-1, 13KO’s), rated #7, who also had a 6 inch reach advantage.  Martirosyan could not be stopped.  He is a steam roller.  Nelson was good as long as he stayed on the outside.  And if that game plan was followed, the decision could have easily went in his favor.  Martirosyan really took the fight to Willie Nelson though.  After a pretty even first 4 rounds, Maritrosyan found his way inside and took over.  Willie Nelson seemed to have completely run out of stamina by the 9th round.  A win here would secure a title shot for either fighter, and Martirosyan really stepped up.

Barthelemy VS Saucido

I am not by any means a fan of tune up fights.  And this is exactly what this was.  If you are the best, fight the second best.  As i predicted, Rances Barthelemy (20-0, 1ND, 12KO’s) won every round of the scheduled 12 against the inflated record of David Saucido (52-5-3, 8KO’s).  Barthelemy straight up looked like Mr. Fantastic in the ring.  The guy has unusually long arms for his size.  So pretty much, he always has the advantage at Junior Lightweight.  Saucido could not even get close, and Barthelemy could do no wrong.  The final scorecards were unanimous.  120-108.  A clean sweep for Barthelemy to retain his IBF Junior Lightweight championship, in his first defense.

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