Every time a new opponent surfaces, Gennady Golovkin (31-0, 28KO’s) seeks and destroys.  There is not much left for him to do in the Middleweight division, except fight Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez.  He proved that on Saturday night.  There is just no one strong enough, no one good enough, to step in the ring with the Kazakh mauler.  So what awaits “GGG”?  A mega fight between himself and Cotto or Alvarez?  Or a move to Super Middleweight (168 lbs) for a potential showdown with Andre Ward.

Golovkin just can’t seem to be challenged, and it was no different against the seasoned veteran Marco Antonio Rubio (59-7-1, 51KO’s).  Rubio is coming off of two KO victories against Dionisio Miranda in July of 2013, and then Domenico Spada in April of 2014.  Except for Daniel Geale, Rubio was Golovkins toughest opponent to date, or was supposed to be anyway.  After an impressive first round where Golovkin cut off the ring beautifully, it was clear that his power showed up immediately, and Rubios chin would not hold up.  It wasn’t a question whether a KO would happen.  It was a question of when it would happen.  Well fight fans, you got your answer about 2 minutes later.  Golovkins straight right was on display and it was consistently shaking Rubio.  Then midway through the second round, Golovkin landed a powerful left hook to the side of Rubio’s head, which put him down for good.  It was just a matter of time until Golovkin took his bow!

Nicholas Walters KOs Nonito Donaire

Nonito Donaire (33-3, 21KO’s) has a nack for coming up big in pressure situation.  “The Filipino Flash” and 5 division champ, did not prove that to be true against rising star Nicholas “Axeman” Walters 25-0, 21KO’s).  Walters jab was sublime in this fight and it didn’t allow Donaire to get close.  When Donaire got inside on Walters, he looked better, but Walters fired back.  This was a fire fight.  Walters owned the night though, taking 4 out of the first 5 rounds.  Finally in the 6th, Walters would hit Donaire with a clean shot and put him down for a 10 count.  After what Donaire said was his best training camp ever, luck was not on his side, and it just simply wasn’t his night.  By his own admit ion, and i quote, “he beat the sh*t out of me?  So whats next for The Filipino Flash?  Back to the drawing board for now.

Edwin Rodriguez VS Azea Augustama

I was a bit confused with this one.  The HBO schedule said 3 fights on the Golovkin card.  But there were only 2.  Donaire VS Walters, and Golovkin VS Rubio.  For those who were just as confused as I was, Rodriguez VS Augustama was aired after the Golovkin fight on HBO Latino.  Anyway, this fight was a complete joke.  It was clear in the second stanza that Edwin Rodriguez would win every round.  Neither fighter had the power to knock the other one out, and it was clear that Augstama wanted no part of this.  He just didn’t show up.  Or should I say, his competitive spirit didn’t show up.  The classless Rodriguez realized that he would have a clean sweep in this fight, and continued to taunt Augustama in the ring throughout the remainder.  There is only one fighter in the sport that makes taunting look somewhat decent, and his name is Adrien Broner.  If you realize that you have your opponent beat from the opening bell, do it with class.  This fight showed me nothing except, Augustama should re-think his career choice, and Rodriguez is a clown.  Don’t care to see either fight again.


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