Andrzej “The Polish Prince” Fonfara (25-3, 1NC, 15KO’s), is about a straight a puncher that there is.  Dou Dou Ngumbu 33-5, 12KO’s), is about as wide a puncher that there is.  Makes for an interesting matchup?  Not so much!  After going toe to toe with Adonis Stevenson, and almost knocking him out in a losing effort, Fonfara needed a win in a big way, and in impressive fashion.  That wasn’t really the case in this one.  A knockout victory would have been nice, especially if he wants a rematch with “Superman”.  None the less, Fonfara did come away with the victory, and even staggered Ngumbu a couple of times with his straight right hand.

Ngumbu seemed to tire quickly in this one, and didn’t look like he had much left in the tank in the later rounds.  His constant wide shots from strange angles definitely played a huge role in tiring him out.  His jab total could probably be counted on one hand, as there were a couple of rounds where I didn’t see him throw a single jab.  The jab is the key to getting inside, and Ngumbu wasn’t getting anywhere without it.  Fonfara’s jab on the other hand looked pretty good.  He fought behind it and was able to land his power straight rights to stagger Ngumbu.  Now if “The Polish Pricne” wants a rematch with Stevenson, I believe he will have to take one more fight beforehand and win in dramatic fashion, AKA knockout.  The knockout was there for the taking, and Fonfara just didn’t take it.

Kameda VS Hernandez

This one was by far the best technical fight of the night, but actually not the most entertaining, and I’ll get to that next.  The 23 year old Tomoki Kameda (30-0, 19KO’s) is a very interesting story.  He moved from Japan to Mexico by himself at the age of 15 to pursue a boxing career.  On top of that, he is fluent in Japanese (obviously), and Spanish, and is currently learning English with hopes of relocating to Las Vegas.  He is a star in Mexico, and says he want to be a superstar worldwide.  That means he has to become a household name in the United States.

In only his second fight in the US, he was set to defend his WBO Bantamweight Championship against Alejandro Hernandez (28-10-2, 15KO’s).  Hernandez, who can best be described as a journeyman, was no match.  Kamedas superior hand speed was evident from the start.  He was constantly walking Hernandez down and his blazing combinations were quite overwhelming.  Kameda did suffer a nasty cut over his eye in the second half of the fight that really slowed him down for a few rounds.  This was Hernandez’ opportunity as he was seemingly losing every round.  He did not take advantage at all, and ended up losing in what was an absolutely bogus 115-113 split decision.  I scored this fight personally, and had it 118-110 in favor of Kameda.  Never the less, Kameda is an exciting young talent and has all the physical tools, hand speed, and carisma to make it in this business, and I can’t wait to see him fight again.

Fortuna VS Cotto

On to the most entertaining fight of the evening.  To say that I’ve never seen anything like this would be an understatement.  This fight was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.  I actually recall laughing out loud while watching.  I don’t even know where to start.  Referee Lou Hall is an absolute joke, and should undergo extensive training to keep his job.  I have watched boxing for a number of years, and this was by far the worst performance by a referee I have ever seen

Javier Fortuna (25-0, 1NC, 18KO’s) was extremely wild from the opening bell, and Abner Cotto (18-2, 8KO’s) looked like he was going to get demolished.  In the first round, Fortuna hit Cotto with a straight left right on the chin that really shook Cotto, and its a miracle that he made it to the bell.  Cotto then proceeds to hit fortuna in the back of the head twice in the second round, which directly caused him to take a knee.  Now this is where it gets interesting.  A knockdown cannot be caused by a foul under any circumstance, so referee Lou Hall proceeds to take a point from Cotto.  Thats all fine and dandy, but then he turns around and starts a 10 count to Fortuna, which means he ruled it a knockdown.  How can this be?  The knock down was caused by a foul.  Heres the answer… it can’t be.  Mistake number 1!

In the fourth round is where it gets really ridiculous.  After 2 low blows and Fortuna being on the receiving end of them, Lou Hall takes a point from Cotto.  Thats fair.  He deserved it.  After the round ended, Cotto ran up to Fortuna and proceeded to talk some trash.  Fortuna had enough, and responded by throwing a punch after the bell.  Thats wrong no matter what.  The funny part is that the punch missed, Cottos trainer runs into the ring, and tells Cotto to flop like the punch actually hit him.  Keep in mind this is all happening right in front of the referees eyes.  Cotto proceeds to grab his face and fall to the canvas like he actually got hit, and Lou Hall buys it.  The end result was another point taken, this time from Fortuna.  By the 5th round Fortuna had enough of this clown show, coming out of his corner guns blazing.  He hit Cotto with a clean shot and finally knocked him out.  It was a nice way for him to end this fight with a more then dirty fighter.  This is the most ridiculous thing that has happened in the squared circle since Tyson bit Holyfeild’s ear off!


Reminder:  Hopkins VS Kovalev this Saturday Nov 8th on HBO

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