It wasn’t quite what we all predicted, but it was close.  Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins (55-6-2, 32KO’s), hasn’t looked his age in a very long time.  This amazing human being, or should I say ‘Alien’, has been defying the odds for about 10 years now.  He is by far the oldest boxing champion ever, and the oldest man to fight for a title.  Hopkins, being the WBA super, and the IBF Light Heavyweight champion, would make an attempt to take the WBO title away from Sergey Kovalev to unify the championships.  I give Hopkins all the credit in the world for even thinking about doing this at his age.  But unfortunately for Bernard,  on the eve of November 8th he would come up short, way short.

Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev (25-0-1, 23KO’s) is a handful to deal with for any fighter, let alone a 49 year old.  It was evident from the first round that this was going to be a long night for the Alien.  The first solid punch that Kovalev landed sent Hopkins down to the ground.  Many said this fight was uneventful, but I disagree.  Kovalev is used to running straight through his opponents, but this was different.  Hopkins is by far the smartest and most experienced fighter to ever step in the ring with the Krusher, so it was very interesting to see a different approach from Kovalev.  It was almost like 2 cats in a fight.  If anyone has ever seen that, you know that they stare at each other and wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

This would eventually turn into a game of cat and mouse tho, with the cat being fast enough to catch that mouse.  Hopkins is very intelligent in the ring and was well aware of the fact that Kovalev has never been past 8 rounds.  Naturally his strategy was to tire him out and take advantage in the later part of the fight, but it never happened.  Kovalev was very patent, which is something we have never seen from him before.  He adjusted beautifully to this approach by Hopkins and was just taking every round on the scorecards.  Then in the 12th round, the fireworks started flying.  Hopkins obviously needed a knockout, which he hasn’t delivered in 10 years, and Kovalev just needed to stay away.  That was not the case.  The Krusher was going for the kill.  Bernard was getting demolished, but he did not go down.  Give him all the credit in the world, because a normal man would have collapsed from the relentless shot Kovalev was dishing out.  The final tally was 120-107 in favor of Sergey Kovalev, as he unifies 3 championships in the Light Heavyweight division.  Hopefully somehow Bernard gets a shot at Adonis Stevenson for his final fight, so he can get one more meaningful win to cap off an amazing no doubt hall of fame career.

Ali VS Abregu

On the undercard, Sadam Ali took on Luis Abregu.  Abregu was favored to win this, and looked pretty good in the first round.  Unfortunately for him, that was pretty much his only good round.  Ali took the rest of the rounds except the 7th, and then in the 9th, he hit Abregu with a straight right directly on the chin to cause the first knockdown.  Later tin the round, the referee stops the fight after a flurry of punches which Abregu just could not defend.  TKO victory for Sadam Ali.

NBC Sports November 8th

There was a another card with 3 fights before Hopkins VS Kovalev.  Here are the results:

Vasily Lepikhin def. Jackson Junior         via UD 10 rounds     Light Heavyweight

Dmitry Mikhaylenko def. Ronald Cruz     via TKO 8 round       Welterweight

Amir Mansour def. Fred Kassi                 via KO 7 round         Heavyweight


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