Another one up, and another one down.  This has been the story of the last decade for Wladimir Klitschko (63-3, 53KO’s).  But who has he really beaten?  Only a few are worth mentioning (Haye, Chagaev, Rahman, & Brewster).  Theres no doubt that Klitschko is a dominating force in the Heavyweight division, but it is a division that’s suffering after the departures of Tyson and Holyfield.  Yes, Kubrat Pulev is ranked #1 in the Heavyweight division, and yes he was undefeated, but he is also untested having fought outside of Germany only 3 times in his professional career.

From the opening bell, it was clear that Pulev would not stand a chance against the stronger and better Klitschko, having been knocked down twice in the first round.  Wladimir’s classic one two combo really showed up today, and when he actually threw it, his left hook was devastating and unstoppable.  Seemingly landing at will, one must wonder, what has Pulev actually done to deserve that #1 Heavyweight contender ranking. Pulev did hit Klitschko with a few impressive shots of his own, but would not live to see the sixth round as Wladimir put him down with a vicious left hook in the 5th.

Photo by Joern Pollex-Bongarts / Getty Images

So whats next for Wladimir Klitschko?  Will he ever take a fight in the US again?  Eventually he will have to prove himself… to himself.  This is very similar to the Arturo Gatti situation.  Gatti was living the cushy life, only fighting in Atlantic City NJ pretty much against locals.  Yes he was racking up the victories, but did they really mean anything.  Eventually Gatti had to prove to himself that he actually was a great fighter.  He took on the king, Floyd Mayweather and got destroyed.  Would Klitschko get destroyed against a better opponent?  Maybe, maybe not.  But he’s going to have to find out. Some interesting match ups would be Klitschko VS Tyson Fury, or the winner of Wilder VS Stiverne (if it ever happens).  For now we wait to see if Wladimir will ever again truly test himself.  It would be a golden opportunity for any US Heavyweight as virtually every belt that matters would be on the line.

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