Excitement is building in the Heavyweight Division, and its about time.  Wladimir Kitschko has just defeated the “#1contender” (I use that term loosely when it comes to Heavyweights) Kubrat Pulev.  He has also defeated the “#2 contender”, Alexander Povetkin in his previous fight.  So I guess Tyson Fury should get the next crack at Klitschko being that he is the #3 contender.  Tyson Fury has been itching to fight Wladimir Klitscho saying things like, “Klitschko wouldn’t fight me with a gun to his head”, and “Theres no way out for Klitschko if I beat Chisora”.  It remains to be seen what happens with this situation, as Fury is scheduled to fight Chisora on November 29th 2014.

Anyway, Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32KO’s) VS Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21KO’s) is set.  They will fight either on December 13th or the 20th, or in January of 2015 for Stiverne’s WBC Heavyweight title, with Wilder being the mandatory contender.  Talks between the two have been back and fourth with Wilder really pushing for this fight, since he absolutely destroyed Malik Scott via 1st round KO in their Heavyweight eliminator.  Will this eventually lead to a Klitschko fight?  Stiverne has the only other major title belt, so if the winner of this fight was to take on Wladimir Klitschko, all the major titles would be unified to crown an undisputed champion.  If wilder beats Stiverne, this would put a major title around the waist of an American, which has not happened in a very long time.  It would also open up the doors for big money fights with the likes of Tyson Fury and Bryant Jennings, not to mention a huge bolt of lightning into the heavyweight division.



Tyson Fury                  defeats          Derick Chisora             Via      TKO     11rd

Deontay Wilder            defeats          Bermane Stiverne        Via      KO       5rd

  1. Larry Davis says:

    OnThis bum Stiverne was constantly in the ropes his last fight. The first time Wilder gets Stiverne to the ropes, it’s lights out. I can’t believe this tub of lard Stiverne is a champ! The boxing world has gone to pot! However, This fatty is a

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    • davidjukic says:

      don king is most definitely a shady character. and at this point, the boxing world has no more room for him. there is enough corruption going on in the sport today, that the last thing we need is another screwball like him. but he’s not the only one. canelo did not beat lara. and mauricio herrera can’t buy a win, even tho he should be “the” junior welterweight champ right now. he beat danny garcia even tho he didn’t get the decision. as for wilder and stiverne, yes don king will probably try to pull some nonsense, but i don’t think he will have enough time to buy stivenre a win. this fight will end in stoppage, and theres nothing that king or stiverne can do about it. I’m a huge believer in wilder, and i really think that he is the next great heavyweight fighter. he will knock stiverne out, so i don’t think we have to worry about an early stoppage. wilders 84 inch reach won’t allow stiverne to get close


      • Larry Davis says:

        You are probably right but I just don’t trust Don King! I believe Wilder will win but I sure can’t bet on it. I used to be but lost plenty of times vs. King fighters who won terrible decisions. If this bout goes the distance, which I doubt, Wilder doesn’t have a chance. Even if Wilder deserves to win he won’t because of Don King. Plus, you’ve got a bum judge, Jerry Roth, the same judge that


      • Larry Davis says:

        Continuing….Jerry Roth, the bum that saw Foreman beating Schultz as well as many other wrong decisions and some horrible single round judging.


  2. Larry Davis says:

    CONTINUING: hE is a Don King fighter and King pays off refs, judges etc. His fighters always, thru history get the close decisions as well as the non king fighters constantly getting point deductions, early stoppages, etc. I can name plenty of weird happenings and decisions, etc. That fsvor Don King fighters but I’m sure you know them yourselves.

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  3. Larry Davis says:

    My last comment is DO NOT BET ON WILDER as being in Don King’s stable, one never knows what will happen. Wilder will most likely ko stiverne but the DON KING FACTOR is present and that is very strong. That crooked as-hole should have been banned from the sport decades ago, that creepy slime ball!

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