#6.  Manny Pacquiao VS Chris Algieri     (Saturday Nov 22nd 2014, HBO PPV $65)

Algieri said it.  “I don’t know how to lose”.  He really proved that against Ruslan Provodnikov, being knocked down twice in the first round.  With his eye being completely swollen shut for the remainder of the fight, he outboxed Provodnikov and went on the win a split decision.  On the other side, Pacman is reborn.  After being totally robbed in the first Bradley fight, then being knocked out by Marquez, Pacquiao has come back to destroy Rios and then Bradley in their second fight.

Prediction – Manny Pacquiao def. Chris Algieri VIA unanimous decision 

#5.  Gennady Golovkin VS Martin Murray     (Saturday Feb 21st 2015, HBO)

This one will be quick, and very entertaining, but what else is new with a Golovkin fight.  Marin Murray is pretty much the only man left in the Middleweight division (besides Cotto and Canelo), and is ranked #6 in the weight class by The Ring Magazine.  Should be an interesting matchup as Murry can take a hit.  But can he take a hit from “GGG”?

Prediction – Gennady Golovkin def. Martin Murray VIA TKO 6th round

#4.  Jose Luis Castillo VS Ruslan Provodnikov     (Friday Nov 28th 2014, Moscow Russia)

Provodnikov is angry, and will be looking for an early stoppage.  He is angry because a relatively unknown Chris Algieri took him the distance and outboxed him in a huge upset.  Jose Luis Castillo was once a great boxer, but at the age of 40, he is most likely past his prime.  he did come closer then anyone ever has to beating Floyd Mayweather tho.  Another upset could be looming for Provodnikov here, if Castillo’s 40 year old body can withstand that vicious left hook.

Prediction – Ruslan Provodnikov def. Jose Luis Castillo VIA TKO 7th round

#3.  Raymundo Beltran VS Terence Crawford     (Saturday Nov 29th 2014, HBO)

Classic case of boxer VS puncher.  These types of fights are always good.  Crawford has a great combination of technical skill and power.  He is a rising star and will be on top for a while.  Beltran is wild, and it will be interesting to see if he’ll turn Crawford wild and make him exchange.  I wouldn’t be surprised with an upset knockout here with Crawford being on the receiving end.

Prediction – Terence Crawford def. Raymundo Beltran VIA KO 10th round

#2.  Timothy Bradley VS Diego Gabriel Chaves     (Saturday Dec 13th 2014, HBO)

Chaves is a heavy hitter with 19 of his 23 victories coming by KO.  On there other hand, Tim Bradley has proven that he has an absolute iron jaw.  When he fought Provodnikov, he had a concussion in the first round, and was still able to finish and win the fight without going down.  He is a pure boxer that can absolutely brawl with the best of them.

Prediction – Timothy Bradley def. Diego Chaves VIA unanimous decision

#1.  Gabriel Rosado VS David Lemieux     (Saturday Dec 6th 2014, HBO)

This will be an all out war, and a bloody mess.  It will also be a fight-of-the-year candidate.  Rosado and Lemieux are essentially the same fighter.  Both have power, both are brawlers, neither is anything special defensively.  If Rosado has proven anything, its that he can take a massive beating and still fight back, and he doesn’t quit.  He lasted 7 bloody rounds with Golovkin before his corner finally stopped it, and he looked like a slaughtered animal afterwards.   Lemieux is a killer in the ring.  30 of his 32 victories are by KO.  He looks to take your head off and usually succeeds.

Prediction – David Lemieux def Gabriel Rosado VIA TKO 9th round (Corner Stoppage)


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