• Record:  32-2, 30KO;s
  • Weight Class:  Middleweight
  • Notable Fights:  Marco Antonio Rubio (Loss, TKO 7RD, 4/8/11).  Fernando Guerrero (Win, KO 3RD, 5/24/14)

david lemieux  photo


  • Record:  21-8, 1NC, 13KO’s
  • Weight Class:  Middleweight
  • Notable Fights:  Jesus Soto Karas (Win, TKO 5RD, 1/21/12).  Gennady Golovkin (Loss, TKO 7RD, 1/19/13)

Gabriel Rosado VS David Lemieux will most certainly be a candidate for fight of the year.  These two smash mouth warriors will got at it tonight on HBO.  This is a can’t miss fight for the boxing fan because it will be full of fireworks and knockdowns.  Both fighters are offensive oriented, and neither is a defensive master.  Lemieux if an offensive machine who will knock your head off given the first opportunity.  He is coming off of and incredible 3rd round KO victory against Fernando Guerrero, and will be looking to do the same tonight.  On the other hand, Gabriel Rosado can take punishment like I’ve never seen before.  Only person that compares is Tim Bradley.  If you want proof, watch Golovkin VS Rosado.  Rosado is a boxer, but don’t take him lightly, as he has power and can definitely brawl.

Prediction:  Rosado can box, he can brawl, and he doesn’t know when or how to quit.  He’s got the heart of a champion, and will give Lemieux everything he has.  Unfortunately, it won’t be enough.  David Lemieux is way to strong for this weight class and he’s very hungry.  This fight will not go the scheduled 12 rounds, it will end in stoppage.

David Lemieux def. Gabe Rosado via TKO 7th round


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