It was a night to remember on HBO Boxing After Dark, with the NABF Middleweight championship on the line.  David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KO’s) VS Gabe Rosado (21-9, 1NC, 13KO’S), most certainly did not disappoint.  It was an all out war, just as predicted, with Gabriel Rosado coming out on the short end of it.

David Lemiuex is simply just too much to handle.  His overhand right is an absolutely devastating punch that few fighters can handle.  The best part about it, is that it sets up his left hook which is not a frequent punch for David, but equally devastating.  After an early knockdown, Rosado seemingly weathered the storm, and when he got busy, or should i say desperate, he didn’t look half bad.  Unfortunately, Rosado’s problematic eye would not hold up again.  Lemueix continued to pepper Rosado’s left eye with thunderous overhand rights, and regularly stagger him with his vicious left hook.

Towards the middle rounds, Rosado seemed to have found something that actually worked for him, as he hit Lemieux with a couple of very impressive combinations.  Unfortunately, they were too few and far between to make any kind of significant impact on Lemieux.  David looked a little sluggish in the middle rounds, but proceeded to regain his stamina, and cut the tree down with hellacious body shots.  These body shots set up the upstairs beautifully, and ultimately after being checked buy doctors on numerous occasions, Rosado’s left eye would not hold up.  The ringside doctor had to stop the fight to protect Rosado’s health, as there was simply no chance for him to win on the scorecards.  It goes as a TKO victory in round 10 for the awesome David Lemieux.  if he can improve on his defense, the sky is the limit for this kid.

The left eye of Gabriel Rosado has been very problematic for him in recent fights, and has cost him victories.  Yes he’s fun to watch.  Yes, he doesn’t quit.  Yes, I would love to see him in the ring again.  But at what cost?  Eventually, he’s going to have to sit down and really think about his future in boxing.  His eye is done.  This will happen every time, and it would be an absolute shame to see him mess up his vision because of it.  Rosado is a fan favorite everywhere he goes, but is it worth it anymore?

Thomas Delorme Defeats Hank Lundy

What is wrong with Thomas Delorme?  The once “can’t miss” prospect, seemingly fights scared every time someone hits him hard.  He’s got all the physical tools to be a great boxer, but where is the mental toughness?  After a first round knockdown on a right hand to Luny’s temple, Delorme seemingly had everything in control, as he was wining the early rounds and pulling away on the scorecards.  After the 5th, Lundy’s trainer got in his face and basically said, what the heck are you doing out there.  Lundy responded well, and got into Delorme’s head and pretty much won most of the rounds in the second half.  At one point he even started barking like a dog at Dulorme, which really got into his head.  Lundy imposed his will in the second half, and in my eyes, the 1st round knockdown made the difference in the decision.  Delorme escapes with the victory, but also with shattered confidence.

Centeno Crushes De La Rosa

This fight started just like the first, with a knockdown in the opening round and Centeno standing tall.  He looked great in the second round as well.  He was clearly much sharper and quicker then De La Rosa.  Centeno then gave away rounds 3 and 4, but they were close.  In the fifth, Centeno seemingly switched to southpaw for a brief second and clocked De La Rosa with a shotgun like overhand left.  De La Rosa looked like he would hold up for a second, and then fell flat on his face without holding out his gloves to break the fall.  He was clearly done, and the referee was totally justified with waving it off, as he didn’t even attempt a 10 count.  This was shades of the Sergio Martinez KO of Paul Williams, and worth watching again On Demand!


  1. Jon says:

    Rosado has always fought top ranked opponents. His promoter has not protected him from taking difficult fights. He’s fought the best of the best in GGG, where his eye did not hold up, and even after surgery to repair scar damage, Lemieux damaged it again. Rosado’s career as a professional boxer might as well be over. I highly doubt well see him against any top ranked opponents, which is sad because the kids got heart and he’s exciting to watch.

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  2. davidjukic says:

    agreed. i always thought that rosado was a good fighter that was constantly being put in horrible situations. he does have heart tho, and he wins people over with it. it sux that he’s gonna have to end it. but it would be the best thing for him. unless he just fights lower tear opposition from now on just to get a paycheck. it was no secret that lemieux was gonna bust that eye open again. i feel bad for the dude

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