On this Showtme Special Edition on Friday the 12th of 2014, former title holder Ishe Smith (26-6, 12 KO’s) tried his luck against the guy no one wants to fight, Erislandy Lara (19-2-2, 12 KO’s).  The was not pretty for the frustrated Smith, especially now that he’s left wondering if at age 36, he will ever get another shot like this.  Lara is coming off a disappointing loss the Canelo Alvarez, in a fight which many, including myself, thought he won.  This was a very nice bounce back from a very disappointing outcome of his last fight.

Erislandy Lara is a master of his craft.  He is a pure defensive counter puncher, that moves around the ring and is extremely hard to hit.  It was no different on Friday night, as he won almost every round.  The frustration grew, and you could see it on the face of Ishe Smith, as he even resorted to tackling Lara down to the floor.  He was talking trash to Lara between every round before retiring to his corner.  Did that really help him at all?  If anything, he got into his own head even more and continued to lose rounds.

So who will Lara’s next opponent be?  No one really knows, because no one wants to fight him.  The reason being is that, it is an all but guaranteed loss to a frustrating defensive fighter you can’t hit cleanly.  It awaits to be seen what is next for Erislandy Lara, because the list of willing opponents is very short.  Its almost not worth it to fight him.

Pearson VS Marinez

Steve Martinez 15-1, 12KO’s) looked really great at first against Chris Pearson (13-0, 10 KO’s).  He was throwing good 3 and 4 punch combination thru the first 3 rounds and hitting to the body very nicely.  After round 3, Pearson took over completely.  He won almost every round there after, and it really seemed like Martinez just ran out of gas.  Once Pearson settled in, he was very sharp, hitting up and down cleanly.  Great win for Pearson, and I think he is ready to step up and fight top notch opponents.  He showed great patients and poise throughout the 10 rounds of action.

Jack VS Sierra

Badou Jack (15-1, 10 KO’s) was very dominant against Francisco Sierra.  Sierra looked unprepared for this fight, as he was losing every round.  Jack tattooed him with shot after shot, even knocking his mouthpiece out twice during the fight.  This one did not last long, and a TKO victory for Jack came in the 6th round.  Sierra could not continue, and it was a good stoppage by the referee.


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