Well, it seems that I was dead wrong about the outcome of this fight.  I must say up until this point I was not a huge fan of Amir Khan (30-3, 19 KO’s).  The reason being is that I’m not impressed by the “hold with one arm and punch with the other” style that Khan seems to utilize in every fight.  I thought that Devon Alexander (26-3, 14 KO’s) was the better boxer, which is why I gave him the slight edge.  This fight was nothing what I expected from it.  Khan out boxed and out slugged Alexander thru 12 hard fought rounds.

Amir Khan and Devon Alexander both, have been classified as “boring boxers”.  This was not the case at all this past Saturday night.  Amir Khan showed that he is not only a very good pure boxer, but can also turn up the heat and fight.  He pretty much dominated the first 7 or 8 rounds.  It was only then, when Alexander knew he was headed towards a decision loss, that he turned up the heat and started becoming more aggressive.  Apparently, he should have been doing that all along, as he did look a lot better in a few of the late rounds.

This was a make or break fight for Khan, and he really stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run.  Khan has it in the back of his mind that a showdown with Floyd Mayweather is still possible.  If he lost this fight, that door would shut for good.  On the flip side, Devon Alexander was destroyed by Shawn Porter, and in my opinion, is not the same fighter.  Confidence and desperation were the keys to victory in this one, and obviously Amir Khan felt them both more.

Thurman Defeats Bundu

What was thought to be the potential most exciting fight of the night, turned out to be the exact opposite.  One day after calling out Floyd Mayweather with the quote “burn money 2015”, Keith Thurman (24-0, 1NC, 21 KO’s) needed a strong performance (knockout) to make his bid at the pound for pound king.  Thurman did not deliver, even tho he won every round.  He fought a great fight, but we are just so used to seeing him knock everyone out.  Give a lot of credit to Bundu, he’s got an iron chin.  It was a completely one sided victory for Thurman, but no KO.

Victor Is Vicious Again

Victor Ortiz came out with a bang.  Everyone thought he was done for good after the broken jaw, the movie role, and the Dancing With The Stars.  Ortiz was out to prove everyone wrong, and he succeeded with a truly vicious 3rd round TKO of Manny Perez.


  • Abner Mares – def – Jose Ramirez – via – TKO 5rd
  • Jermall Charlo – def – Lenny Bottai – via – KO 3rd
  • Jermell Charlo – def – Mario Lozano – via – UD


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