A DRAW???  A DRAW???  What is happening in boxing?  I had posted a previous article titled “The Unfair Sport” a few months back, and boxing has been good ever since.  This was not the case this past saturday night, when Timothy Bradley (31-1-1, 1NC, 12 KO’s) took on Diego Chaves (23-2-1, 19 KO’s) in what ended up being a majority draw.  This fight was NOT a draw.  Max Kellerman said that if a fighter gets robbed, the true boxing fan must still view it as a win for that fighter no matter what the outcome.

Timothy Bradley started off this fight very strong.  He did not lose a round until the 6th, where punch stats slightly favored Diego Chaves.  Then he proceeded to win rounds 7-10, and dropped the last two, which were also very close.  Judge Burt Clemens scored the fight 115-113 for Bradley (fair score as some rounds could have gone either way given the punch output), Judge Metcalf scored the fight 114-114 (a little weird but still not terrible for the same reasons), and judge Julie Letterman scored the fight 116-112 for Chaves.  Im sorry, but that is absolutely ridiculous.  I scored the fight 117-111 for Bradley!  Was she paid?  Sure does seem so.  I understand the close score for Bradley.  I can even swallow the draw scoring, but who in their right mind could score the fight 8 rounds to 4 for Diego Chaves?  She should be fined for that, because it was an absolutely bogus score in my opinion, and the opinion of everyone watching.

Timothy Bradley out landed Diego Chaves in 10 out of the 12 rounds.  So how could this fight be a draw?  Aren’t judges paid to get it right?  I’m not paid, and I got it right.  This was plain and simple a robbery.  I feel truly sorry for the real boxing fan to see a fight of this magnitude be called a draw.  Bradley ended up landing 225 of 572 punches, while Chaves landed 152 of 570.  That right there tells you the story.  Timothy Bradley was the clear winner, and Julie Letterman should look for work elsewhere!

Andy Lee Really Has The Luck Of The Irish

Emauel Stewart predicted that Andy Lee would one day win a Middleweight world championship.  He was correct.  #1WBO ranked Matt korobov, looked amazing against Lee in this fight.  He pretty much won every round, until that fateful moment in the 6th.  Andy Lee is a one trick pony.  You can beati him.  He has many flaws.  The one thing about him thats is flawless, his right hook.  If he catches you with that, you better pray to the boxing Gods that you don’t go down.  Obviously, Korobov is not a religious man, as he got caught with the right hook that knocked him into next week.  Lee then jumped on him, and Korobov was on dream street.  The referee was forced to stop the fight, and “Irish” Andy Lee is crowned the WBO Middleweight Champion.

Herrera Robbed Again

HBO really put on a show of dirty judging on Saturday night.  Mauricio Herrera fought Jose Benavidez and was robbed of a victory again.  Just like in Puerto Rico a few months ago, where he defeated Danny Garcia (Lineal Junior Welterweight Champ) but ended up losing on the scorecards.  Herrera outworked top prospect Benavidez, and won this fight 7 rounds to 5, but the future money maker and promotionally protected fighter got the decision.  Very poor night for boxing all around.


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