Amir Khan has given Floyd Mayweather until the end of the week to decide if he will fight him, otherwise he will search for other options.  This come days after Manny Pacquiao discloses that his fight with Mayweather will be announced by the end of the month.  The question is, who is Amir Khan to be making demands like this?  Mayweather VS Pacquiao is 4 or 5 years in the making already, and apparently closer then ever to actually happening, not to mention at this point, its the only option that makes sense for either man.

If the end of the month will mark the decision whether Mayweather and Pacquiao fight each other, then Khan’s deadline should have been in February.  Him giving Mayweather five days to decide actually doesn’t help Khan at all, it just makes Floyd say “ok, anyway back to business”.

Amir Khan defeated Devon Alexander in December, and all of a sudden he’s a worldwide superstar?  The answer is no!  Yes his win was very impressive, but it came against a fighter with a broken spirit, who is indeed a very good boxer, but not a superstar by any means.  The fact remains that if Khans december 13th fight was against either Floyd or Manny, he would have got destroyed and embarrassed.  So I reiterate, who is Amir Khan to be making demands like this?  The answer, in the eyes of Mayweather and even Pacquiao, NOBODY!

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