2013 was the best year in boxing that I have ever seen personally.  2014 was definitely not far behind, and we are heading toward a great start to 2015.  The Heavyweights are back on the scene starting with Deontay Wilder VS Bermane Stiverne.  Wladimir Klitschko has signed with HBO, and Tyson Fury and Bryant Jennings are heading for big money fights.  Andre Ward will step back into the ring,  GGG takes on Martin Murray, and the road to Rios/Alvarado 3 has begun.  The year is starting of with a bang, and I can’t wait to watch it all.

Before we get ahead of ourselves with excitement, here are my top 5 picks for best fights of 2014:

#5.  Floyd Mayweather VS Marcos Maidana 1   (Showtime)

After a blazing start to the fight by Maidana, which had Mayweather bewildered, Floyd does what he does and dominates.  Maidana smoked Adrien Broner with this exact game plan, and tried the same against Mayweather.  This one was tremendously more entertaining then their boring rematch which should have never even took place.  Mayweather was stunned early on, and it was like Jose Luis Castillo all over again.  The pound for pound king adjusted to Maidana’s aggression, and ultimately used it against him.  A brilliant and flawless second half won Floyd the fight, and he looked like the boxing god that he is.

#4.  Terence Crawford VS Yuriorkis Gamboa   (HBO)

All out slug fest would be the best way to describe this fight.  Gamboa seemed to have the speed and power advantage in the early rounds, pretty much embarrassing Terence Crawford, and peppering him with one hard shot after another.  Crawford had to find an answer to Gamboa’s onslaught, which he eventually would.  He simply switched to southpaw, which at first looked like a mistake, but Crawford saw an opening in Gamboa’s defense and took over the fight with knockdowns and eventually a knockout.

#3.  Juan Manuel Marquez VS Mike Alvarado   (HBO)

I Watched this fight twice in the past 2 weeks, and it was great.  Juan Manuel Marquez showed boxing brilliance in this fight.  Mike Alvarado didn’t really get going until the second half of this one, but once he did, they traded knockdowns in the 8th and 9th rounds.  No one has a bigger heart then Mike Alvarado, the heart of a champion, and it was on display in the later rounds.   Marquez was masterful with 3 and 4 punch combinations throughout the whole fight, his accuracy and timing showed why he is one of the greatest ever.

#2.  Miguel Cotto VS Sergio Martinez   (HBO)

This one is rated so high on the list because of all the factors that came with Cotto’s victory.  Sergio Martinez was a great Middleweight Champion.  He was the bigger man.  He was the favorite to win.  He was the WBC, Lineal, and The Ring Middleweight champ.  Miguel Cotto transformed his career by pairing up with Freddie Roach, who will quite possibly go down as the greatest trainer of all time.  From the opening bell, Cotto banged Martinez with hard shot, and after the 3 knockdowns in round one, it was shockingly apparent to everyone that Sergio had no chance.  Cotto became “the man” of the Middleweight division after moving up in weight, and I don’t see him slowing down.

#1.  Lucas Matthysse VS John Molina   (Showtime)   Fight of the year

John Molina’s right hand is deadly.  He has used it at opportune times even in fights that he was losing, to score dramatic come from behind knockouts.  It was no different in this one, when he sent Matthysse to the canvas several times in this brutal war.  Matthysse being the better fighter, weathered the storm and battered Molina pretty good.  His superior boxing skill combined with his awesome power, took over the fight.  By the tenth round, the bloody Molina could no longer weather the amazing onslaught displayed by Matthysse, and it was another knockout for the Argentine warrior.


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