Big news hit today in the boxing world, when it came out that Manny Pacquiao has agreed to terms to fight Floyd Mayweather on May 2nd.  The terms include a 60/40 purse split in favor of Mayweather, MGM Grand Las Vegas being the venue, 8 ounce gloves of the fighters choosing, and drug testing before the fight.  The drug testing is what apparently stalled the negotiations years ago, but Manny has finally agreed to them.  Don’t pack your bags for Vegas just yet, as nothing has been signed, but this is definitely a huge step forward in the ongoing Mayweather Paquiao saga.

The fact that all this was made public today is a huge indication that the mega fight of our generation will finally happen.  Poor Canelo Alvarez will have to find himself another date besides May 2nd, for his showdown with Miguel Cotto.  I guess he didn’t get the memo that the weekend in question is actually called Cinco De Mayweather.

It became apparent that this fight would actually happen when Manny Pacquiao made the “He’s going to fight me” footlocker commercial.  It just seemed like a foreshadowing or subliminal message that he would agree to Mayweather’s terms.  So now we wait for Floyds response, which I personally think will be what we all want to hear.  Manny Pacquiao being the soft spoken individual that he is, with the Scott Boras of boxing in the form of Bob Arum by his side, really spun the media to make it look like it was all Mayweather’s fault that this fight didn’t ever happen.  First he didn’t want the drug tests.  Then he wanted more money.  Then he said he would fight for free, which I believe was a ploy to make Manny look like the good guy here, and now he finally agrees to the original deal?

A source that will not be named, that has a massive amount of knowledge in the situation, says that it was actually Pacquiao and Arum that are the sole reasons for all the hold up.  The reason being…. MONEY!  Plain and simple, these two just wanted more.  So, the table is set.  The demands have been made and agreed upon.  Its time to put it on paper.  Until then, we continue to hold our breath.


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