Alvarado VS Rios 3: Breakdown

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Predictions
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Tonight, Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios and Mike “Mile High” Alvarado complete their trilogy.  With the tally being 1 to 1, who will come out on top in tonights rubber match?  This is sure to be an all out war that I personally can’t wait to see, so with out further ado, here is their breakdown and prediction:

Brandon Rios

  • Record:  32 – 2 – 1, 23 KO’s
  • Weight Class:  Welterweight
  • Height:  5′ 9″
  • Reach:  70″
  • Notable Fights:  Miguel Acosta (Win, TKO 10rd, 02/26/11), Mike Alvarado #1 (Win, TKO 7rd, 10/13/12), Manny Pacquiao (Loss, UD 12rd, 11/24/13)

The first one was all out war, and after being slightly down on the scorecard, Rios came back with a TKO victory in the 7th round against Mike Alvarado.  Back and forth they went but Rios got in a good shot that wobbled Alvarado and he couldn’t recover.  Alvarado thought the stoppage was premature, and made people believe it.  So on we went to the rematch, which would take place on March 30th of 2013.

Mike Alvarado

  • Record:  34 – 3, 23 KO’s
  • Weight Class:  Welterweight (147 pounds)
  • Height:  5′ 9″
  • Reach:  72″
  • Notable Fights:  Breidis Prescott (Win, TKO 10rd, 11/12/11), Brandon Rios #2 (Win, UD 12rd, 03/30/13), Juan Manuel Marquez (Loss, UD12rd, 05/17/14)

After a tough luck TKO loss to Rios in their first fight, Mike Alvarado was looking to avenge his defeat.  The fight pretty much played out just like the first one, only without a knockout.  This slugfest went all 12 rounds, with Mike Alvarado coming out on top via unanimous decision victory.

We are now set for Alvarado VS Rios part 3 which should be starting shortly on HBO Boxing.  It will make for one of them, and break for the other.  The winner will be in store for big money fights in the near future, and the loser will go down to the bottom of the barrel.  These two have to thank each other for 1 thing.  They make each other what they are.  They make each other stronger and tougher.  And after tonight, if the first two fights were any indication of how exciting these two can be, we as fans will have to thank them.

Prediction:  Brandon Rios   —   defeats   —   Mike Alvarado   —   via   —   Split Decision

-David Jukic

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