I predicted this fight to go the distance and the decision being very close.  Other then the fact that I predicted Rios the winner, I was wrong about how it would happen.  I just have one question.  What has happened to Mike Alvarado?  We all know he’s a troubled individual.  Maybe his out of ring life finally caught up to him, because he did not come to fight last night.

Rios looked great physically and mentally.  He said that he has never been more prepared for a fight then he was last night, and boy was he telling the truth.  There’s really nothing to be said about this other then, Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios absolutely wiped the floor with Mike Alvarado.  Rios said the uppercut would be the key, and that it is his favorite punch, and boy was it on display last night.  Alvarado’s face looked like it went through 20 rounds against Mike Tyson, but in was only 3 rounds against “Bam Bam”

After the third round, Alvarado was complaining that he couldn’t see out of his right eye.  The doctor stepped in with 2 fingers up and asked “How many do you see?”  Alvarado’s response, “I see 4”.  Did he just want his paycheck and go home, or did Rios actually mess him up that bad?  That is the question of the day.  Rios was landing everything and Alvarado was definitely more then shaken up, so its possible that he really was that bad after only 3 rounds, but on the other hand, he did lie (in my opinion) to Jim Lampley in his pre fight interview about the gun being his, so maybe he lied again just so he could go home.

I won’t take anything away from Brandon Rios.  He was absolutely sensational in the fight last night, and I can’t wait to see whats next for him.  I personally don’t care to see Amir Khan fight Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, because he’s simply not on that level, as much as he wants to make everyone think he is.  But a fight agains Brandon Rios would be most interesting, as it would be another banger.

-David Jukic

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