2012 was a storyline setup year for 2013, which was the best year in boxing in the last two decades.  2014 was just the same, a setup year for 2015.  I realized this when Deonaty Wilder defeated Bermane Stiverne for the WBC World Heavyweight title.  Lucas Matthysse destroyed John Molina which ended up being the fight of the year.  Miguel Cotto resurrected his career with his dramatic win over then lineal champ, Sergio Martinez.  And Gennady Golovkin knocked out half of the worlds population.  With all this being said, it sets up some very interesting situations for 2015.  Here are 5 fights that need to happen this year:

#5.  Lucas Matthysse VS Danny Garcia  (Junior Welterweight)

In their first meeting, Danny Garcia got the best of then Lineal champ, Lucas Matthysse.  But with Garcia’s recent track record, one can’t help but wonder if he would have beaten Matthysse if his eye didn’t shut.  Garcia “beat” Mauricio Herrera in Puerto Rico, which in my opinion was a complete robbery.  Then he fought Rod Salka who was a totally overmatched opponent.  Now he’s fighting Lamaont Peterson at a catch weight for no titles?  I don’t like it.  Matthysse on the other hand destroyed Molina in the fight of the year, and in my opinion would destroy Garcia in a rematch, because he’s hungry again and Garcia is not.

#4.  Deontay Wilder VS Wladimir Klitschko  (Heavyweight)

Klitschko has signed with HBO, which means he will fight in the United States.  Yes he has been fighting the top opposition in the Heavyweight division, but that opposition is over seas guys in a weak division.  Wilder has been criticized for his opposition as well, which is why he was rated too low to fight Klitschko.  With his win over Stiverne, Wilder now jumps up in rating, and theres nowhere left fir Klitschko to run.  The winner would become the undisputed Heavyweight champion, because the fight would unify every title.

#3.  Gennady Golovkin VS Miguel Cotto  (Middleweight)

Golovkin fights whoever is available to him, which is really not much.  He has railroaded through the Middleweight division, and to put it simply, Martin Murray is the only one left.  And now with the Cotto/Canelo fight falling thru, which i was never a fan of in the first place, there is nothing else here that makes sense.  I truly believe there is no one in the world that can defeat Golovkin, but Miguel Cotto comes the closest.  Being a huge Cotto fan, I obviously don’t want to see him lose, but I also want Golovkin to get the big fight he’s been craving, so that everyone can finally see his true skills in big moments.

#2.  Sergey Kovalev VS Adonis Stevenson  (Light Heavyweight)

This fight should have took place last year.  Kovalev is by far the best in the division, but Stevenson is the lineal champ.  Whats wrong with that picture?  When fight rumors of Stveson fighting Kovalev were taking place, Stevenson bolted to Showtime, which put the nail in the coffin of this potential fight.  His excuse was that he wanted to fight Bernard Hopkins, but the real reason is he wanted no part of Kovalev.  The funny thing about this was that after this happened, Hopkins signed with HBO, and his main reason for doing that was to fight Kovalev.  Some people want to fight the best, and some people want to remain champ at any cost.  Well this year, if Kovalev can beat Jean Pascal, the WBC will force Stevenson to fight Kovalev, and the true champ will finally be crowned.

#1.  Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao  (Welterweight)

There are constant reports of this fight happening, then not happening.  Some side with Floyd, some side with Manny.  The fact of the matter is this, no one really knows anything about it.  It’s all speculation, until it gets signed.  Is it Mayweather fault?  Maybe.  Is it Pacquiao’s fault?  Also possible.  But for obvious reasons, this fight needs to happen to crown the best in the world.  Its been back and firth for years now and everyone is sick of it.  Lets just get it done.

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