CLASSIC FIGHTS: Floyd Mayweather VS Jose Luis Castillo #1

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Boxing History
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Despite what anyone says about Floyd’s recent opponents, and the media making a big deal about “this is his toughest opponent to date”, that is just a media spin to make people watch the fights.  First Robert Guerrero was his toughest opponent.  Mayweather disposed of him with a fairly easy unanimous decision.  Then Canelo, which despite a majority decision by some shady judging, was a really easy fight for Floyd.  Maidana was next which the media also said “he’s Mayweather toughest test”.  Maidana was great thru the first four rounds and then Floyd took over.

The fact of the matter is this.  No one talks about it, but Jose Luis Castillo (first fight), was by far the absolute toughest fight that Mayweather has ever been in.  I’ve mentioned in past articles, that I’ve watched this fight 4 times, and all 4 times i scored it a draw.  With time and experience, wisdom grows tho, so I recently watched the fight again and noticed some things I didn’t see before.  Or maybe didn’t want to see because Mayweather is my favorite fighter, and the reason why i got into boxing.  The final scorecard read like this:

  • Judge Kane:  115-111 Mayweather
  • Judge Roth:  115-111 Mayweather
  • Judge Eneg:  116-111 Mayweather

The difference that i noticed was this, the 6th and 8th rounds.  Very close and very hard to score, but Castillo actually won them if you were looking closely.  In my opinion, Floyd Mayweather (pains me to say), actually lost this fight by unanimous decision with a scorecard of 114-112 in favor or Jose Luis Castillo.  The final punch stats read like this:

  • Total Punches (Castillo):          203 of 506 (40%)       Power Punches (Castillo):          173 of 377 (46%)
  • Total Punches (Mayweather):  157 of 448 (35%)       Power Punches (Mayweather):  66 of 151 (44%)

HERE’S A LOOK BACK AT THIS CLASSIC FIGHT:     (comment with your thoughts please)


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