CLASSIC FIGHTS: Mike Tyson VS “Buster” Douglas

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Boxing History
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On February 1tth of 1990, we arguably witnessed the biggest upset in boxing history.  Mike Tyson (37-0, 33 Ko’s at the time) was a 42-1 favorite against Buster Douglas (29-4-1, 19 Ko’s at the time).  Prior to this fight, 25 of Tyson’s 33KO’s came in the first 3 rounds.  On the flip side, 14 of Douglas’ 19 KO’s came in the first 4 rounds.  With the odds being what they were, this was supposed to be a very easy fight for “Iron” Mike, but I guess everyone has an off night sometimes.

From 1986-1988, Mike Tyson defeated 4 World Champions in a span of 19 months to unify all of the major World titles.  This list included Trevor Berbick, James Smith, Tony Tucker, and Michael Spinx.  It was apparent from the beginning that Tyson was ill prepared for this one, as Douglas Landed 50 punches in the first 2 rounds, compared to only 16 landed by Tyson.  Buster Douglas, seemingly unafraid, did not allow Mike to walk him down, and kept him at bay with his long jab.  Douglas was dealing with the death of his mother, and dedicated this fight to her.  It showed that someone was watching over him if you believe in that kind of stuff, because like I said before, Tyson was a 42-1 favorite, which basically means that Douglas didn’t have a prayer to win this fight.

In the 9th round, after being knocked down in the 8th, Douglas came out swinging with a huge flurry of punches which staggered Tyson.  He would never get his legs back as a result, and the 10th round was one for the history books.  Douglas came out throwing again, and landed a huge uppercut right on the button.  This started another huge flurry, and after the last left hand, Tyson was left lying on his back for a 10 count.



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