After Billy Joe Saunders and Felix Sturm both declined to fight this fight, the IBF #5 ranked contender David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KO’s) will face off against the IBF #1 ranked contender Hassan N’Dam (33-1, 18 KO’s).  Sturm declined because he got a higher paying opportunity against WBO Super Middleweight champion, Arthur Abraham.  Saunders has decided to face the winner of the Peter Quillin VS Andy Lee fight, for the WBO Middleweight championship.

Jermaine Taylor, who was the previous IBF Champion, was supposed to defend the title against Sergio Mora, but that never happened due to Taylor’s legal issues.  So the IBF has decided to make this match because for obvious financial reasons, they want someone to fight for their title (not saying that either guy doesn’t deserve it.  N’Dam is coming off of a surprise victory over hard punching Curtis Stevens, but one must question his ability to take a hard punch, as he was floored 6 times by Peter Quillin, in a Unanimous decision loss.  Lemieux is fresh off of a one sided mauling of Gabe Rosado, and will definitely try coming at N’Dam with the thunder.

No date has been set for this fight yet, but one must assume it will take place in the next few months.  Reason being is that the IBF World Middleweight title was supposed to be defended already earlier this month.


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