5 Best Opponents for GGG (ranked worst to best)

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Breaking News, Personal Thoughts, Predictions
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#5.  DAVID LEMIEUX (33 – 2, 31 KO’s)

  • David Lemieux just destroyed Gabriel Rosado, but Rosado is no Golovkin.  Lemieux has tremendous power in both hands, and if he can land the right shot at the right time, its lights out for his opponent.  GGG has shown that he’s got an iron chin, and can take a shot from anyone.  His defense is very underrated, and Lemieux is wild.
  • Lemieux has awesome power, and that would probably keep Golovkin at bay for the first few rounds.  His defense on the other hand is questionable at best.  Once Golovkin finds the holes, which he would because he’s smart, Lemieux would be in big trouble.  Prediction:  Golovkin would KO Lemieux inside of 6 rounds.


  • Chavez Jr said today that he would bet 1 Million Dollars that he could knock out Gennady Golovkin.  He then added that if it wasn’t for his punching power, GGG would not be a good boxer.  I don’t know if I can agree with that, given the fact that Golovkin beat the living day lights out of Martin Murray last night, and knocked out 4 of his last 6 opponents before that inside of 3 rounds.  Golovkin is currently a Middleweight (160lbs) and this fight would require a move up to Super Middleweight (168lbs).  Never the less, the power would still be there, and Chavrez has dodged this fight in the past.
  • In my opinion, Chavez is actually the second worst opponent for GGG on this list.  He has a questionable chin, which makes him an ideal KO victim.  There is also the fact that Brian Vera gave Chavez trouble.  If Vera can give you trouble, what do you think GGG would do.   Predicton:  Golovkin would KO Chavez inside of 7 rounds.

#3.  PETER QUILLIN (31 – 0, 22 KO’s)

  • Peter Quillin sure did make it look like he vacated his Middleweight title so he wouldn’t have to deal with fighting Golovkin.  He has a fight coming up against Andy Lee, and the winner of this could quite possibly get a shot at Golovkin anyway.  Quillin is also undefeated, which makes this fight very appealing, and it also means he’s never been knocked out.  He has tremendous boxing skills, but his list of opponents so far is not that impressive.
  • Quillin has a nice combination of pure boxing ability and decent power in both hands.  But a nice jab can only keep a killer in his cage for so long.  Quillin would be fighting on his back foot the whole time, but ultimately would last longer then the previous two.  Prediction:  Golovkin would KO Quillin inside of 10 rounds.

#2.  MIGUEL COTTO (39 – 4, 32 KO’s)

  • No doubt Cotto is a future hall of famed.  With his recent destruction of Middleweight Champ Sergio Martinez, Cotto makes a very tasty opponent for Golovkin.  Cotto has a good chin, which makes knocking him out a little difficult, and he’s also a great boxer.  With Freddy Roach now training him, the sky is the limit.
  • This would be a great fight and I don’t think either guy would get knocked out, even tho both are great offensive fighters.  That fact would also make this a very exciting fight filled with fireworks.  Although i can’t say for certain who would come out with a victory, I give golovkin the edge here.  Predition:  Golovkin would defeat Cotto by Unanimous Decision

#1.  ANDRE WARD (27 – 0, 14 KO’s)

  • This would be another fight that would require Golovkin to move up in weight to 168 pounds.  Like I said before, I don’t view this as a problem, and his punching power would not diminish.  Andre ward was recently removed from the pound for pound list, but it was strictly due to inactivity.  Ward is the superior boxer in this senario, and he would give Golovkin the fight of his life.
  • Unfortunately for Ward, he lacks the power to really hurt Golovkin, and would have to beat him on the scorecards.  He is on the other hand, the best person to do so.  He is a better boxer then Golovkin, and would win more rounds on the cards.  Golovkin would deal Ward his first knockdowns tho, and that would probably be the difference at the end of this spectacular fight.  Prediction:  Could go either way, but Golovkin would defeat Ward by Split Decision


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