Abner Mares Defeats Arturo Santos Reyes

NBC brought us a very nice fight card for the start of Premier Boxing Champions.  This fight was televised later on NBC Sports, and was the last fight of the night, which I found a little strange.  It was however the most competitive.  Abner Mares (29-1-1, 15 KO’s) is fighting for one thing and one thing only.  To get a rematch with Jhonny Gonzalez and avenge his shocking first round KO loss.  In my opinion, he should have disposed of his opponent Arturo Santos Reyes much easier then he did.  This was a very competitive fight, with Reyes making his US debut, and giving Mares a run for his money.  Mares knocked down Reyes in the second round, but never really hurt him beyond that point.  Back and forth they went, but Mares eventually was able to get the unanimous decision victory.  Reyes did impress though as they traded combinations throughout the whole fight.

Adrien Broner Defeats John Molina

Adrien Broner (30-1, 22 KO’s) blamed his only loss to Maidana, on the fact that he was trying to please the crowd with his style.  Whether or not thats actually true (its not), Broner took on John Molina (27-6, 22 KO’s) and absolutely whipped the floor with him.  Molina was coming off of a brutal beating at the hands of Lucas Matthysse, and I must say he looked very gun shy.  He was not taking his usual risks to try to KO his opponent, and was literally target practice for Broner.

Broner did look very sharp in this fight though, jabbing north and south, and mixing in blazing combinations.  Molina had one good round (the 3rd) which he actually won, but besides that, he didn’t impress at all.  He was very active in the 3rd, and hit Broner with a number of hard shots that ultimately won him the round.  Broners’ corner proceeded to tell him that he is fighting a “one handed fighter”.  Broner wised up to Molinas tactics and absolutely destroyed him on the scorecards the rest of the way, winning every round.  Broners hand speed is absolutely shocking and in my opinion, he has the skill to beat almost any fighter at 140lbs or 147lbs in the world today.  His boxing IQ is extremely high, he just needs to keep his head in the game.

Keith Thurman Defeats Robert Guerrero

On to the main event of the evening, and boy was it a good one.  Keith Thurman (25-0, 21 KO’s), vowed to knock out Robert Guerrero (32-3-1, 18KO’s), and he almost did, but ultimately couldn’t get it done.  Guerrero has already said he wants a rematch, but if he had done things differently, he actually has a chance to win this fight.

When Guerrero closed the gap and fought on the inside, he actually got the better of Thurman on most of the exchanges.  The problem was, he didn’t do it enough.  Thurman would slide out and pepper him with shots from a safe distance.  In the 9th round, he his Guerrero with a thunderous blow and put him down on the mat.  Guerrero would then feel the sense of urgency, and on my card, he actually won the 11th and 12th rounds.  Too little too late though, and Keith Thurman cruised to a unanimous decision victory.


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