Can the “Krusher” be stopped?  Jean Pascal sure tried his best to do so, but the undefeated record will stay in tact, and all of his titles are not going anywhere.  Kovalev is the current WBAsuper, WBO, and IBF Light Heavyweight champion, and he put it all on the line on saturday night against Pascal.  In the beginning of the fight, Kovalev was walking Pascal down and landing bombs along with a nice jab, keeping Pascal at bay.

Pascal got wise to Kovalevs’ strategy in the middle rounds and started to look better.  He actually landed a few bombs of his own, and even managed to stagger Kovalev a few times.  There is no doubt that Pascal gave Kovalev his toughest test to date, as Bernard Hopkins watched from ringside.  In the 8th round, Kovalev rocked Pascal into to corner and Pascal was not able to recover.  After getting back to his feet, Pascal still looked dazed and Kovalev was ready to move in for the kill.  He rocked Pascal with another huge right hand followed by a left, and the contest was called to a halt.  Some say it was premature, and Pascal would agree, but if you watched closely, he had no legs and would have been knocked down again.

With Adonis Stevenson bolting to Showtime and making a living off of fighting nobodies, Kovalev and Pascal decided to fight each other.  Stevenson refused lucrative deals to fight both fighters last year, and some say thats the reason he’s still the lineal champ of the division.  There was rumors flying around a few months ago, that the WBC would force Stevenson to fight the winner of this fight, but lets not hold our breath on that one.  So whats next for Pascal?  I think even with this loss, he will continue to fight top 10 Light heavyweights, and possibly win 1 more world title.  As for Kovalev, well who really knows, because how many can say that they really want to fight him.  The boxing commissions and organizations really should step in and force a fight between Sergey Kovalev and Adonis Stevenson.


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