It is no secret that Gennandy Golovkin (32-0, 29 KO’s), has bulldozed through the middleweight division.  He’s had one of the fastest rises to superstardom in recent history.  He has 19 KO’s in a row and counting, and he has done it mostly by facing top 10 ranked opponents.  His rise to fame all started, in my opinion, with the bloody mess he made in the ring at the expense of Gabriel Rosados’ poor face.  The next huge moment in his stellar career, was the 3rd round body shot knockout of top 10 contender in the form of Mathew Macklin.  Two fights later, came the 3rd round knockout of Daniel Geale, another top 10 fighter.  Then came the second round massacre of Marco Antonio Rubio, a more then qualified opponent.  Last but not least, Martin Murray.  Murray almost took Golovkin the distance, but he too would fall short via KO.

It is also no secret that because of these events, no elite fighter wants anything to do with him.  Gennadys’ next opponent, scheduled for May 16th, will be Willie Monroe Jr (19-1, 6 KO’s).  Am i mad about this? No, because Monroe is a skilled fighter, but he is also somewhat untested.  I am also not thrilled with it though, because Golovkin needs to get an elite opponent, so that he can prove to the world (if he hasn’t yet) that he truly is the man.  Golovkin is starving for that big opportunity, he even said that he would drop to 154 pounds to fight the winner of Mayweather vs Pacquiao.  But has his enormous success actually stabbed him in the back?  That is the question that needs to be answered.  Which brings me to Miguel Cotto.  If Cotto keeps dodging this fight, Golovkin will be forced to move up or down in weight to seek greater challenges, because there is simply no one left for him to destroy at middleweight.

Miguel Cotto has recently signed with Roc nation. Apparently, whoever signs with Roc Nation, has no fights in the foreseeable future, and the perfect example of that is Andre Ward.  Cotto has taken on Freddie Roach as his trainer, and from the opening bell of the Delvin Rodriguez fight, it was apparent that Cotto was a new man.  He went on to massacre the lineal champ of the division, Sergio Martinez.  But what now?  Will he ever fight Golovkin?  That remains to be seen, but the troubling part about that is the news that came from Golovkins’ promoter Tom Loeffler.  Mr Loeffler has recently released a statement that “GGG” and his people have reached out to Cotto and his camp, and got no response.  It is very troubling news because there is no fight in sight.  I truly hope that it is not one of those situations where a fighter (Cotto), beat “the man” and now wants to continue his career with easy fights.

Here is a look at Tom Loefflers’ statement:


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