kovalev3454The WBC has finally come through with what needed to be done.  They have ordered that the winner of the Adonis Stevenson and Sakio Bika fight, must go up against Segey Kovalev.  This is a highly unusual situation because Stevenson is the lineal champion of the light heavyweight division.  Usually it is contenders that are put up against the lineal champ, but in this situation it will be the lineal champ that will be forced to fight a contender.  No one actually believes that Sakio Bika will defeat Stevenson, therefore Stevenson will be forced to fight Sergey Kovalev.

Adonis Stevenson has a fight coming up on Saturday April 4th (against Bika), where he will be defending his Lineal, TheRing, and WBC Light Heavyweight titles.  Stevenson is 25-1 with 21 KO’s, while Bika holds a record of 32-6-3 with 21 KO’s.  Bika is coming off of a draw and a loss, both to Anthony Dirrell, so its hard to imagine why he is the one that will get this golden opportunity to become the lineal champion of the Light Heavyweight division.  Bika is a wild and sloppy fighter, and he should be easy pickings for Adonis Stevenson.  That seems to be the path that Stevenson has been taking lately, as he’s only been fighting overmatched opponents.  The only big names that “Suoerman” has fought recently were Chad Dawson and Tavoris Cloud, with each fighter seemingly past his prime.  He Knocked out Dawson in the first round, and he knocked out Cloud in the seventh.

Stevenson has been notorious for dodging the Sergey Kovalev fight, and I think the WBC has finally “realized” it.  Kovalev on the other hand has been fighting the best opponents he could find.  2 of his last 4 opponents have been previously undefeated. Their names were Cedric Agnew, and Blake Caparello.  The other 2, well lets just say one is a ring legend, and the other was the number 2 contender in the division (Bernanrd Hopkins & Jean Pascal).  Of these last 4, only one was able to go the distance and the others went down just like everyone else who gets in the ring with the “Krusher”.  Kovalev is seemingly unafraid of any opponent, and is willing to travel to anyones home town to take them out.  Stevenson on the other hand has done everything in his power not to fight Kovalev.  The biggest example was signing with Showtime, which I strongly believe was a ploy to get away from the Kovalev fight.  Stevenson used Bernard Hopkins as an excuse for signing with Showtime, saying that he wanted an opportunity to fight the ring legend.  Funny part was that Hopkins decided to bolt to HBO, for a fight with Kovalev, which he would ultimately lose.

Stevenson said the other night, “Trust me, I will fight him”, referring to Kovalev.  That remains to be seen, but for now it looks promising.  Hopefully Stevenson won’t have yet another rabbit in his hat, that gets him out of this fight.  The WBC has done the right thing by stepping in and forcing this issue, because even though Adonis hold the Lineal title in the light heavyweight division, he is not the best fighter.  Kovalev is, and oh by the way, he hold all of the other belts.


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