Wladimir Klitschko (63-3, 53 KO’s) is the WBAsuper, WBO, IBF, IBO, and TheRing Heavyweight champion of the world.  He didn’t collect all these championships by luck, and he will put it all on the line against Bryant Jenning (19-0, 10 KO’s).  Klitschko has not lost a fight since 2004 when he got knocked out by Lamon Brewster.  His chin has been questioned, but Bryant Jennings simply does not have enough power to hurt the champ.  All Klitschko does, is fight top 10 contenders, and knocks out almost all of them.

Klitschko won the IBF and IBO Heavyweight titles in 2006 by knocking out Chris Bird.  In 2008, he went on to win the WBO Heavyweight title from Sultan Ibragimov by unanimous decision, and in 2009 he won TheRing Heavyweight title against Ruslan Chagaev, also by TKO victory. In 2011, Klitschko beat David Haye to win the WBAsuper Title by a totally one sided unanimous decision.  Since then, he has put every one of his titles on the line in every fight, and successfully defended all of them.

On April 25th 2015, Klitschko will once again defend every title he owns, against Bryant Jennings.  Jennings is undefeated, and ranked #5 on TheRing magazines rating list for Heavyweights, but the level of competition is not there for Jennings.  His resume is not overly impressive at all, and he will be in a world of trouble against Klitschko.  I was personally at Bryant Jennings last fight in July of 2014, although I was just there to see Gennady Golovkin, because he was the main event that night.  Jennings took on the sluggish and out of shape Mike Perez, who I was never a fan of by the way, and he escaped that close fight with a narrow split decision victory.  That fight could have gone either way, and Jennings was lucky to win on the scorecards.  All that was showcased was a lot of clinching and fatigue, and not very impressive ring IQ and boxing skills.  Now if Jennings can barely get by a slow and fat Mike Perez, how does anyone give him a chance against the Lineal Champion of the Heavyweight division?  Yes Klitschko does have his flaws, but Jennings is a sub par opponent despite being undefeated.  He simply hasn’t fought anyone worth mentioning.

In my opinion, Jennings is simply not ready to fight an opponent the caliber of Wladimir Klitschko.  Maybe with a few more fights under his belt when he really gets tested, but at this point in time, the Klitschko fight is a career killer for Jennings.  I can think of only two names that are ready for a Klitschko showdown in the very weak Heavyweight division, and this names are Deontay Wilder (33-0, 32 KO’s) and Tyson Fury (24-0, 18 KO’s).  Those two are bonafied heavyweight killers, with Wilder holding the only other belt in the division, and the only two good enough to dance with Klitschko.  Jennings is not.

Prediction:  Wladimir Klitscho  —  def  —  Bryant Jennings  —  via  —  KO round 5


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