It is hard to swallow the fact that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr got paid 2.5 million dollars for last nights fight, while Andrzej Fonfara only got $400,000.  Chavez senior warned his son not to take this fight, and boy was he correct.  After a 13 month layoff, Chavez Jr looked like a fool in the ring, and he would suffer the first knockdown of his career.  Fonafaras’ confidence all but peaked, when he sent Adonis Stevenson down to the canvas, despite losing their fight.  He is mentally at an all time high, and it really showed last night.

Chavez was over matched from the beginning, and I only gave him 1 out of the 9 rounds they fought on the scorecards.  Fonfaras’ short and crisp shot were just too much for any normal man to handle.  Never the less, no matter how one sided this fight was, it was still very exciting to watch.  Fonfara displayed tremendous power in both hands, as he peppered Chavez with thunderous shots.  In the 9th round, The Polish Prince hit Chavez with a huge left hand almost from a southpaw position, and it sent Chavez down for the first time in his csareer.  Having lost almost every round, there was no reason for Chavez to continue. The referee waved off the fight after the 9th round as Chavez’ corner seemed to stop the fight.  Or did they?  After watching the replay, it showed that it was actually Chavez who said he wanted no more, complaining that his leg was hurting.  So why did he say in his post fight interview that he was winning the fight?  Why would you call it quits if you were winning?  The answer is simple.  He was NOT winning, his leg was NOT hurt, he was just physically beat up, and mentally defeated.  His leg seemed absolutely fine, when he darn near sprinted back to the locker room after the fight.

After the fight, Chavez had the audacity to demand a rematch with Fonfara, one that he definitely will not get.  Fonfara has his heart set on a rematch with Adonis Stevenson, which would prove to be most intriguing.  Now here is my question.  How does Chavez say he would bet 2 million dollars, that he would knock out Gennady Golovkin, if he couldn’t even get through a fight with Andrzej Fonfara?  Without taking anything away from Fonfara, who is a good fighter, Triple G is elite.  What does Chavez think would happen to him in that fight?  I also have this answer, and that is, the result would be exactly the same, only quicker. Thank you and goodnight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  You should donate that 2.5 million to the fans that paid good money to see you.


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