On an electric evening of boxing after dark on HBO, this was the first of a tremendous double header.  Terence Crawford, after moving up in weight, would take on Thomas Dulorme, for the vacant WBO Junior Welterweight Championship.  We have seen Crawford do it all over the years, and he seems to be the real deal.  He moves up in weight, he fights conventional, he fights southpaw, he fights charging, he fights moving backwards, he boxes, and he brawls.  Is there anything that the Omaha Nebraska native can’t do?  Crawford proved himself last night!

Crawford has been criticized today for not putting on a show last night against Dulorme.  I totally disagree.  Crawford showed great patience and ring IQ, until he found his opening.  After giving away the first two rounds with virtually no activity, Crawford got it going in the third.  Dulorme is a bit of a wild fighter, and puts all of his might behind every punch.  So Crawford didn’t really give away the first two rounds if you think about it, he was carefully scouting what was put in front of him, and patiently waiting for Dulorme to punch himself out.  It was a brilliant move if you ask me, because Crawford knew exactly what to expect from his opponent, and it went down just as he said it would.

In the third round, Crawford would step on the gas, and Dulorme had no answer.  Not throwing the left hook at all, Crawfords’ Jab was on point, and stoping Dulorme in his tracks.  The fourth round was more of the same, as Dulorme looked like an amateur in the ring, with no idea what to do.  Dulorme won the first 2 rounds purely based on activity, as he never really penetrated Crawfords’ defense anyway.  Crawford took a break in round 5, and seemingly “gave it way” on the scorecards, but the next round would prove that this was just a ploy to set hop Dulorme for the end of his night.  Crawford came out in the sixth with his first left hook, and it hit Dulorme right in the temple.  He followed it up with a straight right that sent Dulorme down to the canvas.  Dulorme would never fully recover, and there was still over 2 minutes to go in the round.  Crawford would put him down twice more in the round, and after the 3rd knockdown, the fight would be waved off by the referee.  All in all, in my opinion, this was a ver deceptive and great performance by Terence “Bud” Crawford, as he improves to 26-0 with 18 KO’s.


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