Even though floyd Mayweather can fight you form any position and still make you look silly, the key to victory is to keep the fight in the middle of the ring.  Floyd possesses the superior jab and straight right in this matchup, and you can’t throw this punches effectively with your back on the ropes.  The lead right, and the left jab will pile up the points for Floyd and ultimately win him the fight.  In his first matchup against Maidana, the first 4 or 5 rounds, Floyd spent with his back against the ropes.  Manny Pacquiao will be a stronger and busier Marcos Maidana in that sense if you can imagine that.  Once Floyd got in the center of the ring, he took every round from Maidana.  Manny Pacquiao will not tire, as Maidana did, and he will not give you a rest for a round or two.  The middle of the ring will be Floyd’s home.


Floyd Mayweather has a great left hook.  We don’t see it as much anymore, because quite frankly, he doesn’t even need to use it to win fights.  This is different.  Manny will be Floyd’s toughest opponent to date whether Floyd wants to admit it or not, and being purely defensive and countering here and there, will not be enough to win his fight.  Floyd will have to be slightly busier then he has been in recent fights, and he will have to throw more combinations.  I’m sure Pacman has studied Floyds every move in his recent fights, so throwing more combinations will keep Manny guessing, and he won’t be able to get off as many punches as he would like.


Mayweathers most effective counter punch is his right uppercut, even though his most frequent counter punch is his straight right hand.  Canelo Alvarez can attest to this statement, because when Mayweather was hitting him with that uppercut, Canelo simply looked baffled.  Manny Pacquiao will try to make this fight a brawls from the beginning, because it his his only chance to win.  If Mayweather can counter the “punches in bunches” effectively, the pace of this fight will slow down, and he will be able to pick Manny apart.  From then on, the countering will become easier, and mayweather will be able to get a decision win.  He should not however catch and shoot with Manny, but counter with combinations to stop the freight train that will be coming right at him.

Prediction:  Floyd Mayweather  —  def  —  Manny Pacquiao  —  via  —  Majority Decision 12 rounds


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