Floyd mayweather is not a normal human being.  He is the best boxer of this generation, and arguably the best of all time.  The only thing that seems to bother him in the slightest, is a relentless barage of punches coming at him.  Lets face it, you can’t counter everything.  Manny Pacquiao can not slow down for 1 second in this fight, if he wants the victory.  He has to be relentless with his arsenal, as he can’t afford to stop throwing punches.  If he slows down, its over for him, because Mayweather is just too smart in the ring, and if you give him time, he’s even smarter.


Manny can’t simply just charge forward and follow Floyd around.  He will get countered.  he has to cut the ring off and try to corner Mayeather, because that will be his only chance to land significant punches.  Yes Manny has the skill set and power to fight in the middle of the ring, but Floyd is the superior boxer, and if they stay in the middle, Mayweather will win.  Manny needs to corner his opponent and go to the body frequently, early in the fight, so that Mayweather will drop his hands and the head will open up.  I believe that Pacquiao will have to knock Mayweather out to win, and this is the best way to do it.  Floyd has shown weaknesses in his defense once he gets corners, but only against extremely busy fighters.  Manny is an extremely busy fighter, and this will be his best chance to win.


Pacquiao can get reckless at times, which is why Marquez knocked him out.  If he gets too wild, Mayweather will find the holes and pick him apart.  He also has to step up his defense a bit, so that he doesn’t get countered frequently by Floyd.  If he gets Floyd in a corner, he shouldn’t just go head hunting, but should go to the body to slow Floyd down.  If he does that, the head will open up eventually.  Also if he gets Floyd in trouble, which is not easy but we have seen it, he needs to go for the kill.  The longer the fight lasts, the more it favors Mayweather.  Shane Mosley rocked Floyd with a right hand in the 2nd round of their fight, but he never capitalized on it.  Mayweather recovered, and picked him apart.  Manny will most likely need the knockout here, or at least a knock down to win.

Prediction:  Floyd Mayweather  —  def  —  Manny Pacquiao  —  via  —  Majority Decision 12 rounds


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