I am well aware that 80% of the viewing public on some level wanted Manny Pacquiao to finally end the streak of Floyd Mayweather.  Although Floyd is my favorite boxer, I am guilty as well to some degree.  A part of me really wanted to see Manny Pacquiao pull this one out, but we can not deny the brilliance of Floyd Mayweather.  There is no doubt that Manny Pacquaio is in a league above everyone else, the only problem is that there is just one more league above that, and Floyd Matyweather is the only member.

The hype of this fight was unbelievable, and truly made everyone see that this was the boxing event for the ages.  Many said the fight was boring, but to the true hardcore boxing fan, it was poetry in motion.  After 6 long years of waiting, we finally got to see one of the biggest fights of our generation.  Two future hall of famers, and currently the #1 and #2 fighters in the entire world, finally gave the fans what they wanted to see, and stepped into the ring to see who was really the better man.  Everything was on the line, including the WBA, WBC, WBO, & TheRing welterweight titles, but more importantly pound for pound supremacy.

From the opening bell, it was Mayweathers fight.  He dictated the pace, which meant he would win.  Had Pacquiao dictated the pace of this fight, there is a chance the result might have been different.  Mayweathers jab was outstanding, and he was countering at will.  Fighters think they know what it takes to defeat Floyd, and maybe they do.  But once you get in the ring, the question is can you actually do it?  The answer is NO!!!  46 have tried, and 46 have failed.  I say 46 instead of 48 because Mayweather fought Castillo and Maidana twice.  Pacquiao simply looked baffled in the ring, and just seemed like he didn’t know what to do.  He is not used to being the slower man, and he could not get inside and make it nasty because of Floyd’s impeccable defense.  Even when Pacquiao was able to throw a flurry of punches, nothing was really landing, instead it was being slipped or bouncing off of Mayweathers gloves.

In the later rounds it seemed like Pacquiao was increasingly growing frustrated, because of the fact that he just could not penetrate Floyd’s defense.  You can’t get frustrated against Mayweather, because he will use it against you.  Floyd noticed this frustration and continued to counter effectively and pick Manny apart.  Pacquiao looked a lot better in the beginning of the fight and even stole some rounds by out working Floyd, but in the end Floyd actually threw more punches and landed at a significantly higher percentage.  Mayweather landed 148 punches while throwing 435 (34%).  Manny Pacquiao landed 81 punches while throwing 429 (19%).  That is a huge difference, and the judges saw it.  The final scorecards read:  118-110, 116-112, and 116-112.  Thise were very fair scores in my book as I had the fight 117-111.  Mayweather improves to 48-0 (26 KOs) and we now await his “final” fight in September.


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