This Saturday May 16 2015,  Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will defend his WBAsuper, IBO, and interim WBC Middleweight titles against yet another overmatched opponent in Wiliie Monroe Jr.  Many champions take fights against overmatched opponents simply because its a good business move.  That is not the case with Golovkin.  He simply cannot find a formidable opponent because they are all scared of him.  Monroe takes the fight because its a huge opportunity to put his name on the map, but dies he really have a fighting chance in this one?  Stranger things have happened in boxing so lets tune in on Saturday to HBO Boxing, and find out.


-Record:  32 – 0 – 0, 29 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Middlewieght (160 lbs)

-Height:  5′ 10″

-Reach:  70″

-Notable Fights:  

  • Mathew Macklin – Win, KO 3rd round, 6/29/13.  (Retained WBA & IBO Middleweight Titles)
  • Curtis Stevens – Win, TKO 8th round, 11/2/13.  (Retained WBA & IBO Middleweight Titles)
  • Martin Murray – Win, TKO 11th round, 2/21/15.  Retained WBAsuper, IBO, & WBC interim Middleweight Titles)

Gennady Golovkin has wiped out everyone thats been put in front of him, and as soon as he does, he schedules his next fight.  Golovkin is an amazing specimen, and in my opinion, the next “great” boxer.  He will put his KO streak on the line this saturday, as he goes for his 20th straight win by knockout.  Golovkin has cracked the Pound For Pound list, and is currently rated #7 in the world by TheRing Magazine (6th on my list) and he will keep climbing.


-Record:  19 – 1 – 0, 6 KO’s

-Weight Class:  Middleweight

-Height:  5′ 9″

-Reach:  74″

-Notable FIghts:  

  • Brian Vera – Win, UD 10 rounds, 1/16/15.

Willie Monroe Jr is still a relatively young fighter, and doesn’t have many notable victories under his belt.  But his impressive performance against Brian Vera in January, put him on the map a bit, and got him this fight with GGG.  Vera is somewhat of a bigger name then most, and had 2 memorable fights against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, so by defeating him Monroe gets a shot at a very big name.


Roman Gonzalez (42-0-0, 36 KO’s) VS Edgar Sosa (51-8-0, 30 KO’s)


Roman Gonzalez  —  def  —  Edgar Sosa  —  via  —  TKO 9th round

Gennady Golovkin  —  def  —  Willie Monroe Jr  —  via  —  TKO 5th round


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