With all of the drama that got stirred up between HBO and Showtime over the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, things are looking bleaker then ever for the two networks to ever work together again.  MayPac was the first time that the 2 rivals have worked together since Mike Tyson VS Lennox Lewis in June of 2002.  If they keep going at this pace, we should expect Kovalev and Stevenson to square off somewhere in 2028.  By that time, both fighters will be well in to retirement, so what can be done to make this fight happen?  Stevenson is the current WBC & TheRing Champion, so the WBC must force him to take the fight against Kovalev, which would leave HBO and Showtime no choice but to work together once more.

The Mayweather VS Pacquaio event was a complete disaster behind the scenes, and I’m actually surprised that it came to life with all of the complications surrounding it.  They literally could not agree to anything for the event, which is a direct quote from a source at Showtime that will not be named.  They fought about things like how many cameras each would have, who would hire the lighting staff, which commentators would be allowed to cover the broadcast, etc etc etc.  It was an absolute mess, and thats putting it lightly.

kovalev3454No here in lies the problem.  Sergey Kovalev and Adonis Stevenson must fight each other.  They just have to, if for nothing else, just to please the fans.  Kovalev is signed with HBO, while Stevenson is signed with Showtime.  This would not be a pay per view event, which gives the fans hope that the fight will happen, because its of smaller magnitude.  But will HBO and Showtime ever try to work with one another again?  That is the million dollar question.  And unfortunately the answer is a 90% NO!!!  We all pretty much know that Adonis signed with Kovalevs’ rival network to dodge this fight, and so far it has been working wonderfully.  The fact remains that disputes like this one, should not be a factor of who fights who, because a true light heavyweight champion must be crowned.

An argument can be made in either direction about who is the better fighter I guess, but here are all the facts.  Adonis Stevenson is the Lineal Champion of the division.  He holds a record of 26-1 (21 KO’s) and the WBC and TheRing Light heavyweight titles.  Sergey Kovalev holds the IBF, WBA, & WBO light heavyweight titles, and a record of 27-0-1 (24 KO’s).  While Stevenson is content with defending his titles against overmatched and “has been” opponents, Kovalev is tearing through the light heavyweight division by mowing down top 10 opponents, and putting all his titles on the line against them.  Stevenson beat Chad Dawson to gain the lineal title, but since then has only defended against 1 top 10 opponent (Tavoris Cloud at the time).  He defended against Fonfara, who at the time was not rated in the top 10 light heavyweights, and Fonfara almost beat him.  Kovalev has been taking all the fights that the lineal champ should have been taking.  In fact, at the time of fighting him, 7 of Kovalevs’ last 8 opponents were rated in the top 10 of the light heavyweight division.  Kovalev has disposed of each and every one of them, which included the great Bernard Hopkins, and Jean Pascal.

With all of this being said, it seems a little unfair that it is actually Stevenson, who on paper, owns the division.  Kovalev has a better record (against better opposition), and he hold more championships the Adonis Stevenson does.  Isn’t it only fair that Stevenson gives Kovalev a shot at the Lineal Title?  This is where the sanctioning bodies need to step in.  Andre Ward and Carl Froch were stripped of their titles, due to inactivity.  While Stevenson remains active, and does defend his titles, he cannot be stripped because he is technically doing his duty.  On the other hand, if he cannot be stripped, shouldn’t he be forced to defend those titles against the #1 contender in the division eventually?  It remains to be seen what happens in the Kovalev/Stevenson soap opera, all we know is this, Kovalev will fight anyone anywhere anytime.  But what will the “champ” do?


  1. ThisIsTheTruth says:

    Kovalev was a free agent after he fought Jean Pascal, and he signed up AGAIN with HBO before the WBC purse bid.
    Stevenson is the biggest pay day available for Kovalev. Duva filled out a lawsuit against Haymon, Stevenson, Michel, Golden Boy, Schaeffer, Showtime, and she pulls it out.
    She rushed the WBC to force the unification for the WBC, and now she pulls it out.
    Duva is a bluffer.
    She bluffs her own boxers, their managers. You think trainer John David Jackson doesn’t want to have more buck for training Kovalev, he knows Kathy Duva’s hypocrite face.

    She would never let one of her boxers sign with Haymon, not one. She would never let one of them fight on Showtime or PBC. Look closely, with all the boxing medias following Dan Rafael’s pen, and the Hopkins & Pascal’s contribution which merged with this popular groove, a lot of no-brainers believed Stevenson was scared of higher opposition, Duva, Kovalev, HBO were convinced.
    She finally end up believing to her own overboosted lie that she created herself, and went asking the WBC to force the matchup, thinking Stevenson-Haymon-Michel wouldn’t have the choice but to vacate the WBC title. She thought that Stevenson would have copied the Quillin move. Wow, this lawyer is really unskillful to think that simple.
    And to her great surprise, she realize that Stevenson wanted that fight all along. Asking herself, how the F*** Adonis team are so confident, I got a bad feeling about this one.

    Fans just have a hard time accepting this staging coming from Kovalev’s clan. Naive people will never accept to consider themselves as naive persons. Stevenson wanted that fight, and it was Kovalev who never wanted it, Kovalev was bluffing.
    A bluffer or liar, will always sound convincing, yet there’s no way around the truth but by lying, and this is what Kovalev’s team does.


  2. fight club says:

    Sergey Kovalev !

    Be careful he knocks you out he is trained do not lose the belts I believe you will win I educated all fighters worldwide I had never time for you : workout: 1 2 3 lead arm fist straight and 1 2 3 left right left and straight lead and to the other side like against the chin and straight lead again and 1 2 3 left right left : shoulder high : left right left like against the chin and shoulder high straight 1 2 3 left right left : and : 1 2 3 left left left : if you are left fist arm I did never watch you : all the parts 81 times and all the parts are three punches : and : left and right fist straight regular chest high and shoulder high the same and over the head like against the chin : 81 times : all the part : left right left is three times : wishing you the best for the fights the fight coming staying straight and to fight to be in the middle of the ring away from the ropes there is no air and to get the weight with Body Building not to have in the Body : all the best for the fights the fighters coming do not look down fighting on distance and face to face and when infight protect your chin and your face !


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