Is Amir Khans’ mouth louder then his gloves?  On friday, Khan took on Long Island native Chris Algieri, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York.  Amir Khan would end up getting the unanimous decision victory, but it would not come easy.  Khan took the first few rounds, as Algieri looked a little gun-shy.  In the middle rounds Algieri would start throwing more and looking much better as a result.  Algieri even shook Khan on 2 separate occasions, and if he had that killer instinct, the result might have been different.  Algieri, widely considered a light punching pure boxer, simply does not have that “mad dog” in him, and even though he rocked Khans’ chin a few times, he was not able to capitalize.  Khan would rack up some more rounds towards the end of the fight, and eventually pick up the victory.

Algieri was impressive against Khan even though he lost the fight.  No one expected him to last the full 12 rounds, or be any kind of competition for arguably the fastest hands in the sport.  But with this past Fridays performance, is Amir Khan ready to fight Floyd Mayweather, or is his mouth just ready to talk some more trash.  He hasn’t been talking as much as usual, which tells you, that even he, was not too happy with his performance.  Khan looked hittable on Friday night, and that was against Chris Algieri, who is arguably the most over rated boxer in the sport, all because he somehow squeaked out a victory against Ruslan Provodnikov.  Algieri was backing Khan up the entire fight, and on my card won 4 out of the 12 rounds that they fought. Now if Algieri can take 4 rounds from Khan, I think Mayweather would take at least 10.

Floyd Mayweather is coming off of a win against the #2 pound for pound (at the time) fighter in the world, in Manny Pacquiao.  Floyd has made a living of making good fighters look foolish in the ring against him, and Khan would be no different.  Algieri was definitely not the right path for Amir Khan to take for a potential fight against Mayweather.  This is because, who cares if Khan beats Algieri.  Khan should have put his money where his mouth was, when he challenged Kell Brook to a winner take all fight in England.  Instead he chose to fight Algieri, who quite frankly, even with a win, will not really move Khan up in the rankings.  A win against Kell Brook on the other hand (#1 ranked Welterweight by Ring Magazine), would have made Khan a superstar, and a near lock to fight Mayweather in September.  Khan will now be overlooked by Floyd, and will not get the chance to fight him in my opinion.

By fighting Chris Algieri, Khan pretty much burned all his bridges.  Mayweather will not fight him now, because Khan did not look that great in the fight.  Kell Brook seems to have moved on from the idea as well, as he now seems interested in fighting Brandon Rios.  Khans’ only hope now, is that Floyd Doesn’t fight in September, and Amir defeats a very good opponent.  So what is next for Amir Khan?  If Floyd fights in September, which I think he will, Khan should find another fight really quick, and maybe still fight Floyd in september.  In my opinion, his best option would be Marcos Maidana.  Maidana has fought Floyd twice already (lost both), but it would make a huge statement if Khan could defeat him.  If he gets the Mayweather fight or not (probably not), Maidana would be the best option for him at this time, unless he could somehow get Manny Pacquiao to fight him.


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