It was all academic, and just looked like a quick payday before the big payday.  Daniel Geale (31-4, 16 KO’s) was no match for Miguel Cotto (40-4, 33 KO’s), and we all knew that from the beginning.  Basically from the moment of the weigh in, with Geale looking like a skeleton, everyone could see that this fight was already over before it began.  Daniel Geale, who weighed in at the 157 pound limit, did rehydrate dramatically to a 182 pounds over night, which is almost unheard of.  Miguel Cotto was not weighed the day of the fight, but it was clear that Geale had at least 20 pounds on him.  It would not make a difference though, as Cotto still looked more powerful, and faster as well.

cotto6788Cotto would start off strong, going to the body with that famous “Miguel Cotto left hook”, and he would do it at will.  Geale had absolutely no answer for it and it would cost him big time in the end.  Cotto out landed Geale in every round, and he was also landing the harder shots by far.  Now Geale is a former champion in his own right, but he’s only faced one class A opponent in Gennady Golovkin, and the result was the same.  Cotto is now 10-1 in New York City as a professional, and the pro-Cotto New York crowd was just itching to see their man demolish his opponent.  This WBC title fight was scheduled for 12 rounds, but the end would come in the fourth.  After massacring Daniel Geale with thunderous left hooks to the body over and over, Geale would drop his hands, and Cotto would go upstairs.  Cotto put Geale down with a clean left hook that landed right on the button, and send him down to the canvas.  Geale would beat the 10 count and get up, but he would not recover.  Looking real shaky on his legs, Cotto would realize this and go in for the kill.  After a nice flurry of punches, Cotto would drop Geale again.  Geale immediately got up, but would ultimately tell the referee that he wants no more.  This is exactly what he did when Golovkin sent him down to the canvas, and it was no different against Cotto.  One must wonder if this was a set up for a Golovkin Cotto showdown, but with Canelo looming, that seems to be the path for Cotto.

After the fight was over, Cotto strongly implied that he is ready to face Canelo, and he will make it happen.  Gennady Golovkin was in attendance on Saturday night, and was probably hoping that his name would be called next, but I guess he will have to wait, because it looks like Alvarez will be next.  I guess the winner of that potential showdown will face Golovkin, if they have the guts, because in my opinion, there is no Middleweight that can beat him.  If Cotto fights Canelo next, the money will be huge, and Cotto has stated time and time again, that he is doing this so his family can be financially secure in the future.  So obviously with the money being huge, we should expect that fight to happen, hopefully by the end of the year.  But with these ego’s who really knows.


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