Golovkins’ Best Options If Froch Fight Falls Thru

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Personal Thoughts, Predictions
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Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 KO’s) probably should have pushed a little harder to face Miguel Cotto before Canelo Alvarez does.  Golovkin is 33 years old, and his time is running out.  Cotto says he will fight him after Canelo, but who knows if thats really true, and who knows if Cotto will even defeat Canelo.  The way it looks to be shaping up, is that the winner of the Cotto/Alvarez fight, will take on “GGG”.  Golovkin is no doubt the best Middleweight in the world, and it has been really tough for him to find top tier opposition thats willing to step in the ring with him.  The reason being is that, he is plain and simply a destroyer.  He bulldozes through whoever gets in the ring with him.  Golovkin is currently on a 20 KO streak, so its not hard to see why top tier fighters have avoided him.  The risk is just not worth the reward.  If Cotto can defeat Alvarez, a showdown with Golovkin could quite possibly be a Pay Per View fight, which would make it worth the risk, as huge money would be involved.

froch45342Carl Froch has expressed interest in fighting Gennady Golovkin, which would no doubt be the biggest name to entertain the idea.  Recently though, Froch’s promoter Eddie Hearn said that he’s not sure if Carl Froch will ever fight again.  If Froch does indeed decide to retire, Golovkin will again have to go in search of an opponent willing to take him on.  GGG can’t wait for Froch to make a decision for too long though, because the list of Middleweights that Golovkin hasn’t yet demolished, is getting very short.  If those guys book other fights, Golovkin will be left without an opponent, and will be forced to fight a no name guy looking for an opportunity, just like Willie Monroe Jr.  Monroe has said that he wants a rematch against Golovkin, but with the way he lost (telling the referee that he wanted no more), that will probably never happen.

Here are the three best option for Gennady Golovkin, if Carl Froch decides to retire after all:

#3.  Daniel Jacobs (29-1, 26 KO’s)

I was going to go with Billy Joe Saunders in this spot, but in 2014, he won the WBO title eliminator, so I’m sure he has his sights set on Andy Lee who is the current WBO Middleweight champion.  Daniel Jacobs is the current WBA Middleweight champion, Golovkin is the current WBA (super) Middleweight champion, and it would be nice to combine those belts, because way too many fighters have a title.  Jacobs is a fellow knockout artist, as 26 of his 29 victories are by stoppage, so it would make for an interesting fire fight between these two.

#2.  David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KO’s)

Andy Lee makes sense here as well, but like I just said, Billy Joe Saunders will probably be Lee’s next fight, so lets go with David Lemieux in this spot.  Mr Lemieux is by far the only fighter in the middleweight division that can compare power with Golovkin.  Just like GGG, Lemieux has awesome power in both hands, and can put your lights out with one shot.  Golovkin is obviously the more skilled boxer of the two, but you never know with David Lemieux.  He has fought better boxers then him in the past, and has put them down for a ten count.  Both guys stalk their opponents in the ring, and walk them down into corners, so it would be interesting to see who would be the one backing up.  Lemieux fights Hassan N’Dam on June 20th, and if he can beat him, he should ask to fight Golovkin.

#1.  Andre Ward (27-0, 14 KO’s)

This would obviously be the dream matchup for Golovkin, and it would require a move up to Super Middleweight, which Golovkin has expressed interest in anyway.  Ward has a tune up fight against Paul Smith on June 20th, and Golovkin just fought, so the timeline is right.  Ward hgas said in the past that he is willing to fight GGG, and with the names being as big as they are, this would be a huge payday for both fighters.  Ward has been inactive for a year and a half now, so he needs to get his feet wet in the ring, but I would be shocked if he lost his fight coming up.  When Ward was active, he was ranked #2 pound for pound in the world.  Golovkin is currently ranked #4, so it would be a huge boost to both careers if they could make this fight happen.


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