On saturday night June 13th, Deontay Wilder (34-0, 33 KO’s) made the first defense of his WBC World Heavyweight title against hard hitting challenger, Eric Molina (23-3, 17 KO’s).  Molina was trying to do something that no man has ever done before, and that was to become the first ever Mexican-American to win the World Heavyweight title.  After flashes of looking good and landing a couple of heavy punches, Molina would unfortunately come up short with his efforts.

Wilder looked faster and stronger from the opening bell, and added a new number to his act.  Everyone talks about Wilder’s “shotgun” right hand, but he also has a very good left hook.  In the third round, Molina charged at Wilder and hit him with a hard right hand that hurt Wilder.  Deontay did not panic though, as he clinched and stayed away from Molina until he recovered.  Molina pressured again but missed with a huge right, and payed for it by eating a left hook.  Wilder seemed to take the next round off, but at the end of the round he hit Molina with a huge left hook that put Molina down for the first time.

Molina would proceed to going down two more times in the fifth, and the look on his face told you the whole story about the kind of power that Deontay Wilder possesses.  The ultra tough Molina kept getting up though, and to everyones surprise, he would last almost 4 more rounds.  In the 9th round, after being somewhat quiet with the right hand, and mainly using the left hook, Wilder landed a thunderous right cross that put Molina down for the 4th time.  This time Molina would not get up.  The referee calls a halt to the contest after the last knock down, and Wilder is award the TKO victory.  Give Molina credit though, because he did last about 6 rounds longer then anyone expected him too, but none the less, Wilder is the victor, and still the WBC world heavyweight champion.


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