There are a ton of fights that should happen that every boxing fan would love to see.  Heavyweights are making an impact again, the middleweight division is about to explode (Miguel Cotto, Saul Alvarez, GGG, and David Lemieux), Floyd Mayweather is on top of the world, and we are just waiting to see what will happen next.  It is a little early to make a wish list for next year, but I love to think ahead, and create possible senarios for the boxing world.  Whether or not these senarios will actually happen is up to the fighters and promoters, but here is a list of things that I personally would love to see in 2016:

#6.  Amir Khan gets knocked out By Kell Brook

Is anyone beside me sick of Amir Khan constantly being in the media?  Is anyone else sick of his mouth?  I am, and I truly hope that Mayweather doesn’t give Khan the chance this year, because if he does, we will never hear the end of it from Khan.  I seem to recall Khan saying that he will fight Kell Brook in a winner-take-all fight.  What happened to that?  Why did Khan fight Chris Algieri instead?  I truly hope that the winner-take-all fight does happen, and Kell Brook KO’s Amir Khan.  Maybe then we won’t hear him talk anymore.

#5.  Timothy Bradley VS Ruslan Provodnikov (Re-match)

I don’t know that i can name a fight that was more exciting then that one in recent times.  A few come to mind, but that one was just pure insanity.  It was fireworks from the opening bell, and it never stopped.  Not one dull moment.  Bradley proved to be an iron man during that fight, and I would love to see it happen again.  There is no one more willing to trade shots with a big puncher then Tim Bradley, and theres no one more willing to knock your head off then Provodnikov.  These two are ready for war at any time, so why not try it again.

#4.  Mayweather takes one more fight

Floyd Mayweather has just defeated his arch rival Manny Pacquiao.  He says that he has one more fight in September, and then he’s done for good.  We’ve heard this from him before, so will he actually retire?  If he win in September, that will put Floyd at a record of 49-0, which would tie the great Rocky Marcianno.  Why not do it one more time, and be 50-0?  Why not break Marcianno’s record?  There is nothing better then when greatness is recognized.  Mayweathers’ greatness is not, because so many people hate him and a person.  If Mayweather is able to go 50-0, and do it by defeating fighters that the fans want him to fight, there will be no choice but to crown him THE BEST EVER!

#3.  Sergey Kovalev VS Adonis Stevenson

A year ago, this would have been my number 1 request, and it seems to have died down a little.  Never the less, it is still a must see fight that I personally would love, along with many other fight fans out there.  Stevenson is the WBC/TheRing Light Heavyweight champion.  Sergey Kovalev holds the IBF/WBAsuper/WBO Light Heavyweight titles.  Should the two fight, and put all their titles on the line, we could crown an undisputed champion in the division.

#2.  Miguel Cotto/Canelo Alvarez VS Gennady Golovkin

In what is arguably the most exciting division in the sport at this very moment, Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez will finally fight each other this coming November.  But what happens now for GGG?  Carl Froch doesn’t know if he’s coming or going, and theres just no one interesting left in the Middleweight division for Golovkin to fight.  I must say i would love to see Cotto defeat Alvarez in November, but with that being said, no matter who wins that fight, they absolutely must fight GGG in 2016.  Cotto is the Lineal champ, so this seems a little backwards to me.  In my eyes Canelo should be fighting Golovkin in November, and then the winner takes on the champ (Cotto).  I think that would have been the way to do things, but I am no promoter.  Bottom line is, someone big needs to fight Golovkin, because he is the best Middleweight in the world.

#1.  Wladimir Klitschko VS Deontay Wilder

If this fight ever happens, it would probably be in late 2016.  Deonatay Wilder has two fights coming up in the near future.  He is taking a voluntary title defense on September 26th (possibly against Chris Arreola) and he also has a mandatory contender in the form of Alexander Povetkin, which would probably take place in early 2016.  Wilder has the only belt that Klitschko doesn’t have, the WBC title.  Klitschko holds the IBF/WBA/WBO/TheRing/IBO world heavyweight titles.  A unification fight here would crown and undisputed Heavyweight champion, and also make for one hell of a fight.


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