Errol Spence Jr Dazzles, Crushes Phil Lo Greco

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Boxing Results
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Phil Lo Greco’s only loss to this point was against former IBF Champion, Shawn Porter.  Lo Greco lost his passion for boxing and was inactive for 22 months.  He stayed in shape, and went through a training camp, and was able to take this fight on only 3 days notice.  Spence’s original opponent could not make weight, so Lo Greco got the call.  But was taking a fight against a future superstar (Errol Spence Jr) on only 3 days notice, was very ill advised.

After a feel out round in the first, Spence figured out how to get inside in the second against the shifty Lo Greco, and he started ripping the body shots.  Lo Greco as a result, dropped his hands to guard low, and Spence took advantage.  The third round was all academic as Lo Greco was a little hurt in the second.  Lo Greco, pressured to guard his body, left his head open in the third, and Spence Jr hit him with a sledgehammer right hook to put him down.  Lo Greco would get up, but stay very shaky on his legs.  Spence charged in with a controlled flurry of punches, ripping to the body and the head, and the referee was forced to stop the fight.  Lo Greco was badly hurt, and seemingly had no chance to win the fight.  Spence stays undefeated, and improves to 17-0 (14 KO’s).


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