In what was built up to be a great fight, sure did deliver.  Watching David Lemieux (34-2, 31 KO’s) is truly an awesome spectacle, because pound for pound he is probably the hardest puncher in boxing.  I don’t know who would want to risk getting in the ring with him after the show he put on Saturday night against Hassan N’Dam (30-2, 17 KO’s).  This was hands down the most exciting fight of the evening, even with Broner VS Porter, and Ward VS Smith being televised at the same time.  Lemieux stole the show on Saturday night, and he did it with authority.

From the first round, Lemieux was stalking and cutting off the ring, just as he usually does, swinging for the fences.  N’Dam probably being the more skilled boxer was able to dodge almost everything in the first round.  Lemieux would drop N’Dam in the second round with a huge shot, then twice in the fifth, and once again in the sixth.  N’Dam, showing great resilience, got up all 4 times, but by then it would be way too late to catch up on the scorecards.  He would need a knockout, or several knock downs, but they would never come.  The final score cards read 115-109, 115-109, and 114-110.  So according to the judges on two cards, N’Dam won 5 rounds, and on the third card he won 6.  Thats just about correct, because in the rounds that he didn’t go down, he looked quite good.  The extra points from knockdowns would ultimately be to much to overcome, as David Lemieux gets the unanimous decision victory.

So where does David Lemieux go from here.  He certainly made a statement with the 4 knockdowns.  But will the statement attract top fighters, or scare them away?  A showdown with Golovkin would be a dream, because they are arguably 2 of the strongest punchers in the game.  I know that Golovkin has his mind made up about facing the winner of Cotto VS Canelo, but he’s got to get a big fight in the mean time while he waits.  A showdown with Cotto or Canelo would surely be somewhere in mid 2016, and we still have a long way to go this year.  Golovkin is starving for an opponent, and the Carl Froch option seems bleaker then ever, so I think a unification fight with Lemieux would be the way to go.  Golovkin is the current WBA middleweight champion, and Lemieux just won the IBF championship.  Like I said the other day, there are too many fighters with titles, so we should hopefully see some unifications in the near future.


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