Last night on Premier Boxing Chaampions (the ESPN debut), Keith “One Time” Thurman proved why he is the best pure athlete in the sport of boxing (according to Teddy Atllas).  The build up of the fight was pretty good I must say, even tho Collazo is a journeyman who was not fought for a title since 2009, when he lost to Anfre Berto.  Collazo was nothing to over look though, because he is a stalker with good inching power, and you can’t over look that he is also a former WBA welterweight champion.  Collazo was sporting a nifty 36 win record with 6 losses, but does have 19 knockouts to go along with those wins.  He is a pressure fighter and if he hits you with the right shot, theres a change that he can get you out of there.  As was the case last night with one clear body shot that really staggered thurman, but we will get into that in a bit.  For the most part, Thurman was being his regular self, calm, cool, and collected.  He is a very smart boxer/puncher, with a very high ring IQ.  Deemed the next big thing in the sport, last night sure helped out his cause.

Round 1 began as a sort of a feel out process for both fighters, which has actually been very common lately in the somewhat bigger fights.  No one wants to lose an undefeated record in the first round I guess.  Thurman would pump the jab and stay to the outside, while Collazo waited patiently for an opposing.  Thurman would go on tho win the first 4 rounds easily, as Collazo kept stalking, but not effectively.  Thurman would wait for Collazo to come forward and counter effectively on the southpaw.  The right hand finally found its mark on the left (Collazo) in the 4th, and it was more cosistant since then.

Dropping heavily on the score card 4 rounds to none, Collazo had to figure something out to stop Keith Thurman, and boy did he.  The SHOT that he had been airing for finally came in the middle of the 5th round.  Collazo backed Thurman into a corner, and while thurman tried to throw the straight right hand, Collazo nailed him perfectly right in the liver with a haymaker/uppercut in the perfect spot at the perfect time.  Thurman immediately winced at the punch, and honestly almost went down, barely surviving the round.  Collazo would let out a huge scream at the bell to punctuate his great punch.

Thurman was crealy hurt for the duration of that round and the next round, because those liver shots are brutal.  I’ve personally gotten hit in the liver a few years ago (playing basketball tho), and from experience I tell you, that i had to leave the game, and still felt the pain of it for about 3 days.  It is not pretty!!!  So Collazo clearly won the 5th round, and with Thurman still recovering in the 6th, Collazo would win that one as well.  And all of a sudden he have a fight, or do we.  An early clash of heads opened a small cut on Collazo’s eye.  It didn’t look too bad, but in the 7th round, Thurman was recovered and came out guns blazing.  After an accumulation of punches in the 7th round, Collazos’ cut would not hold up unfortuanly (just as it was getting good).  Collazo could not see out of his right eye, and decided to end the fight between the 7th and 8th rounds for his own safety.

So Keith “One Time” Thurman improves his stellar record to 26-0, 22 KO’s and retains the WBA welterweight championship.  After the fight the question of the day arose about none other then Floyd Mayweather.  Mayweather seems totally uninterested in fights keith Thurman, and why would he be.  Even though i believe Floyd would win, the fight doesn’t really make sense for him to take.  And with Andre Berto being the #1 WBA contender (and also the interim Champ), and Amir Khan being the WBCsilver champ, one must figure that it will be those 2 guys that have the best shot.  Thurman doesn’t care because he knows that even with these somewhat dumb rankings, Floyd Maywetahter can pretty much do and choose whatever he wants. “Im ready now lets go.  Ill go back to training camp right now”  -Keith Thurman.

Honestly there is not anything left to watch with Mayweather, and Keith Thurman (or Kell Brook) would be the best options for an exciting fights to end the elite career of Floyd Mayweather.  All thats left other then Brook or Thurman, would be rematches that no one wants to see, or a fighter that doesn’t deserve the shot to get paid like that.  Keith Thurman definitely deserves it.  He is undefeated and can do anything in the ring.  It remains to be seen what will transpire in the Mayweather sweepstakes, but I for one would love to see Money May take on “One Time” Thurman.


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