Andre Wards camp has announced that they want to fight Gennandy “GGG” Golovkin before moving their man up to Light Heavyweight (175 pounds).  Ward said he wants the fight before the end of the year, and then once he moves up in weight, he want to take on Sergey Kovalev.  Big words from Ward and his team, so lets see if this dream matchup could actually happen.

When Ward is active, he is arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  Outside of Floyd Mayweather of course, there isn’t anyone that can compare to Wards’ pure boxing skills.  He sat #2 on TheRing Magazine Pound For Pound List seemingly forever, and the only reason he was removed was due to inactivity.  Golovkin on the other hand is now ranked #4 on the pound for pound list, even though the elite opponent has evaded him so far.  Golovkin can’t get a fight for his life against a top tier opponent, because to them, the risk is simply not worth the reward.  “GGG” hold the highest KO percentage in Middleweight Championship history, so getting in the ring with him, especially if you have a lot to lose is not the best idea.  I am skeptical about thus fight happening for one reason.  Even though Golovkin said he would fight anyone at anytime (which I did believe him), he was shunned by both ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Miguel Cotto, when they decided to finally fight each other.  The Canelo VS Cotto fight should have obviously happened already, istead of Cotto fighting Danie Geale, a man that Golovkin already knocked out.

Golovkin seems to be hell bent on taking on the Canelo/Cotto winner, so a fight with Andre Ward seems a little less likely.  If Cotto had just fought ‘Canelo’ at the time he fought Geale, then Golovkin would probably have a fight scheduled already against whoever the victor was.  Then if he beat Caneo/Cotto, the Andre Ward fight would definitely have been a possibility for the end of 2015.   Ward want the Golovkin fight now, because he wants to move up in weight.  It would not make any sense to move up from 168 lbs to 175 lbs to fight Kovalev, and then have to move back down to fight “GGG”.  If this fight took place, it would most certainly be at a catch weight somewhere between 160 and 168 pound (probably 164).  Ward is a Super Middleweight at the moment (168), while Golovkin is a Middleweight (160).  The purse split would also likely be 50/50 down the middle, because who is the “A” side here and who is the “B” side??

So now its time to find out if Ward is for real with his words, and if Gennandy Golovkin will actually stay true to his and fight ANYONE AT ANY TIME.  The invitation is set but Ward and his team, but is it a real one?  Or is Ward just blowing smoke to get publicity, because he knows that Golovkin wants the Canelo/Cotto winner?  In my opinion, Golovkin should take this fight because its the biggest name available at the moment, and thagts what he’s been starving for.  He needs to prove himself against an elite opponent, and Andre Ward would be just that.  On the other hand, if “GGG” would lose to Ward, there goes the Canelo/Cotto winner.  Never the less, this fight should be made because it just the best fight to be made, plain and simple.  Cotto and ‘Canelo’ square off in November, so Golovkin wouldn’t fight the winner until next year anyway, and he currently has no foreseeable opponent for the near future.  Lets see what happens!


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