Record:  33 – 0 – 0, 30 KO’s

Alias:  “GGG”, God Of War

Birthday:  April 8th, 1982 (33 years old)

Division:  Middleweight

Current Championships:  

  • WBAsuper, IBO, WBC interim  —  Middleweight

Former Titles:  

  • WBA, WBO intercontinental  —  Middleweight

Key Wins:

  • Matthew Macklin  —  Win, KO 3rd round (12), 6/29/13.  (Retained WBA & IBO Middleweight titles)
  • Daniel Geale  —  Win, TKO 3rd round (12), 7/26/14.  (Retained WBAsuper & IBO Middleweight titles)
  • Martin Murray  —  Win, TKO 11th round (12), 2/21/15.  (Retained WBAsuper & IBO Middleweight titles)

Notable Losses:  N/A

Recent News:

Gennady Golovkin, in addition to being the WBAsuper and IBO Middleweight champion, also hold the WBC interim title.  This is interesting because it is most likely that he will have to face the winner of the Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto fight.  Cotto is the WBC Middleweight champ, so Golovkin would be next in line.

Recently, Andre Ward has expressed interest in fighting Golovkin this year, before he moves up to Light Heavyweight in hopes of taking on Sergey Kovalev.  “I want Golovkin now” -Andre Ward.  Golovking has not yet responded, but always says he will fight anyone at any time.



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  1. wilmar patino says:

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  2. fight club says:

    Gennady Golovkin you can not fight all the belts when you lose you are going in arrest you can not defeat all the belts for nothing the challenger need to have a belt or number one ranking two belts for two belts or one belt for one belt that does not work when you lose the challenger gets all the belts he did never fight the belts in his life arrest you are going !


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