Sergey Kovalev does it again.  Nadjib Mohammedi was the mandatory contender for Kovalev’s IBF Light Heavyweight title, and it was not looking good for him from the start.  Kovalev has developed an exquisite jab to set up that huge right hand of his.  He bends at the knees a little more now as well, instead if being straight up like he used to be.  This helps him get even more power on his punches, if thats possible to believe.

In round 1, Kovalev threw a lot more jabs then usually, but was still patient, as he always is in the beginning.  he used the first round to try to feel Mohammedi out, which was easier said then done.  Mohammedi was very awkward and jerky throughout, so the fight was very sloppy in the ring.  In the second, Kovalev smashed Mohammedi with a huge right which he followed with another short right that put him on the ground.  Mohammedi clearly would not recover, but would get up, and it was just plain sloppy from there on.  He held, and even dragged Kovalev down to the ground with him after getting nailed again.

In the third, Kovalev seemed to have had enough of Mohammedi’s awkward and downright awful fighting style.  He went for the kill, and boy did he get it.  After another minute or so of awkwardness in the ring, which was caused by Mohammedi of course, Kovalev nailed him him a huge straight right.  He followed it up immediately with a left power jab which hit Mohammedi right in the eye and nose and put him down.  Mohammedi immediately started pawing at his eye and nose, and it seemed like he broke something in his face.  He would not beat the 10 count, and it goes as a KO victory for Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev.  He improves to 28 – 0 – 1, 25 KO’s.


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